B​​​​​​​iljana Petrovska Isijanin

Fairy tales, 1999

Biljana Petrovska Isijanin has BA in Art History and Archaeology and a Master Degree in Cultural Studies. As a director of Center for Contemporary Public Arts Elementi, she is researching the relation betweeen the personal and the society, by creating contexts for curatorial concepts and creating artworks. She has curated international exhibitions in Macedonia (most of them happenning outdoors, in public spaces) and one in Yokohama-Japan, as well as many local exhibitions in Macedonia. In the last couple of years she started two international projects: Attitude (Video/ short and experimental films/ photography Festival), and Angle (exhibitions and presentations of contemporary art scenes), in Bitola, Macedonia. She took part in symposia, workshops and exhibitions in Macedonia, Czechia, Netherlands, UK and Italy. She’s a member of AICA from 2006.

ul. Boris Budevski 18
7000 Bitola, Republic of Macedonia
tel. +389 47 610 316
cell. +389 78 257 399