Tvůrčí pobyty 2018

Supported artists in the Agosto Residency Program, 2018

For 2018 period, the following six artists have been invited to participate:


Veronika Romhány
Elena Veljanovska
Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann
Lea Vene
Martyna Poznańska
Saša Spačal
Beth Custer

The Artist-In-Residency program is organized by the Agosto Foundation, which supports a broad range of initiatives that aim to raise social awareness and bring about cultural transformation. Our goal is to strengthen and sustain socially and environmentally engaged cultural practices, initiatives, knowledge-sharing networks and communities focusing on those active in the field of inventing, discovering, testing and implementing new approaches that address meaningful social and environmental issues and bring them to the awareness of their communities and beyond.

The residency program is supported by Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic in 2018.