Jeremy Schaller

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"I took part at Plasy for 3 years from 1996-1998. I built first Hermit Foundation website and then Metamedia website. I built Soros Foundation Prague website.  I took part in Dawn of the Magicians show at The national gallery collaborating with Martin Janiček. I made documentary about Dawn of Magicians, LED ART and few others. I performed with Japanese musician (Chino) and also African American performance artist from New York. I painted stacked crate Obelisk with Christian from Switzerland. I did stacked rock installation of white stones gathered on Dalmatian coast. LED ART then sent me black stones. I still have them. I visited Led Art in Novi Sad.  I created communal dinner by importing fresh whole 10kilo Salmon via truck from Paris fish market for Japanese artists in Plasy in 1997.  Baked it covered in 5kg of salt.  I did video of Theresien Stadt concentration camp by invitation from Chris Hill and Jennifer De Felice and later used excerpts of that video for Joan Jonas Dj Spooky proposal. I worked at Pro Helvetia as computer instructor. I showed video for Joan Jonas of Dj Spooky performance at Whitney Biannual in New York in Kafka cemetery... I gave live cinema presentation at Flusser Symposium.  I did a lot of work for Magnum Opus alchemy show and have notes still and purchased catalog. I took part producing streaming video documentation for European Conference on Science and Art at the Prague palace and did the same for Ars Electronica Flesh Factor. I took part in Alexei Shulgin Form art competition. I did all Terminal Bar promo in Umělec magazine. I did onsite coverage of Temelin Nuclear power plant protest. Many many more things in Free Tekno scene like some drum programming on Roland 909 for Načeva Mimoid album. I DJed at NASA Club, Roxy and few others. I also travelled with Miloš Vojtěchovský to Slovenia for presentation at Kubla space. 

Jeremy Schaller, New York, 2018

Jeremy Schaller, a.k.a. "VJ Eyescratch" (born in New York City) is an US born artist, film and video maker and programmer. Jeremy was living in Prague in the 90s, working for example for the Terminal Bar - an organization and bar founded in 1996, which was the first internet café, new media scene, bookstore and internet provider in Prague. Jeremy was as well a pioneer of "live cinema" in the Czech Republic. In Plasy he helped Hermit since 1996. He made a live video performance in the granary in 1997. Schaller later moved to Cologne and then to New York City, where he co-founded the collaborative project

Share, founded in 2001 by Barry Manalog, geoffGDAM and Newclueless, still functions as a community for portable performers. It is a network which provides open space for knowledge exchange and audio/visual performance. Every week, Share hosts a free multimedia jam session, open to all participants and observers. Currently, Share events take place in cities around the world.

Jeremy is currently living and working in NYC and collaborating or running the organisation