he Center for Metamedia documents its projects in catalogues and recordings, and periodically publishes artists books and produces other recordings. All the materials are published in limited editions and are distributed primarily by the Center. The noted prices do not include postage, please contact us for further information and purchases.

Meridian Crossings Catalogue and CD ($25)
- bound, square-format book contains images and descriptions of projects made by the 70 participants of the Meridian Crossings - Hermit V. Symposium and the Entarctic Shelf Festival & Workshop, both held in June-July 1995. Along with documentation, two essays are included in the catalogue. Czech and English.
CD - recordings of performances held June 28 to July 3, 1995 at the Plasy Monastery, plus one performance at Prague's Emauzy Church. Artists include:
Tim Hodgkinson (GB) & Jim Meneses (USA)
Pavel Fajt (CZ)
Anarctica (NL)
Vojtech Havel (CZ)
Michael Delia (USA) & Jaroslav Koran (CZ)
and others . . .

Fungus: Inquiry of A Place (1145-1995) Catalogue ($25)
The catalogue is within Czech army gas-mask containers found at the Plasy Monastery. Within the cylinder, placed on a bed of hay, are postcard images of the works made during the Center's symposium held from September to October 1994, and a booklet with essays by Milos Vojtechovsky, Jiri Zemanek, and texts by Jimmie Durham, Stephen J. Gould, and others. Czech and English

Transparent Messenger Catalogue (out-of-print) and CD ($10)
Catalogue - the box-shaped, cardboard container holds loose-leaf pages, each documenting and describing the work/performance made during the symposium. The booklet contains citations (from Jonathan Swift, John Wilkins, Jules Verne, Edgar Allen Poe, Samuel Beckett, Italo Calvino) and illustrations (Athanasius Kirchner, Gustav Dore, Grandville, Jonathan Swift). Czech and English.
CD - music performances from the symposium recorded at the Plasy Monastery from June 30 to July 3, 1994 by:
ROVA Saxophone Quartet (USA)
Hugh Davies (GB)
Pavel Fajt (CZ) & Jim Meneses (USA)
Rajesh Mehta (USA) Erhard Hirt (GER) & Martin Klapper (DEN)
and others . . .

Growthrings - Hermit II. Symposium Catalogue and CD ($25)
Catalogue - the box-shaped, cardboard container holds loose-leaf pages with photographs of the works/performances and of the over 70 artists/artist groups participating in the symposium. The catalogue booklet re-prints illustrations from Robert Fludd, E. H. Shepard, and A. A. Milne and citations from Emanuel Swedenborg, Ivan Wernisch, Michelangelo Pistoletto. Czech and English.
CD - music performances from the symposium recorded from June to July 1993 at the Plasy Monastery. Selections from the 14 recorded works include:
James Fulkerson (GB) & Phill Niblock (USA)
Tibor Szemzo (HUN) & Martin Groeneveld (NL)
Peter Cusack (GB) & Michael Delia (USA)
Irena & Vojtech Havel (CZ)
Agon Orchestra (CZ)
and others . . .

Hermit 1992 Catalogue (out-of-print) and Soundspace Cassette ($8)
- the box-shaped container holds loose-leaf pages, each with an image and description of the work/performance made during the symposium along with information on the artist. The enclosed catalogue booklet contains essays and acknowledgments.
Cassette - sounds of the Monastery's clock works intersperse the recordings of performances held June 13 to 20, 1992 in the convent of the Plasy Monastery by:
Fred Frith (USA) & Pavel Fajt (CZ)
Michael Delia (USA), Phill Niblock (USA), Paul Panhuysen (NL), and Jo Truman (AUS)
Bram Cox (NL)
Lubos Fiedler & Oldrich Janota (CZ)
The Horlogue of Dreamers (CZ)
Anna Homler (USA) & Ad van Buuren (NL)
and others . . .

Artist Books
Neni lehke se neztratit by Martin Zet, 1993. Czech. ($10)
Deti, sebe a vseckomozny recorded by Martin Zet, 1994. Czech. ($10)

CD Recordings
A Day in Benedict: Rajesh Mehta and Irena & Vojtech Havel - 1997 ($12)
Solo improvisations by the trumpetist/composer Rajesh Mehta and his improvisations with Irena & Vojtech Havel (viola da gamba and violoncello), inspired by the architecture and acoustics of the Plasy Monastery chapels.

Martin Janicek: Katalog - 1996 ($12)
Live recordings of music by Martin Janicek from the artist's own installations and from performances by other artists taped from 1992 to 1996 from various sites and venues. The enclosed booklet contains photo-documentation of the installations and performances.

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