While the season for programs runs from May through October, the Center may be visited at any time of the year. Our library of publications, music and video recordings is available for the public's use. And individuals considering a residency or others wishing to discuss other forms of collaboration are welcome to contact us to arrange a time to visit.

The Center for Metamedia is located in the village of Plasy, 100 km west of Prague (Praha, in Czech) and 25 km north of Plzen. Travel details for car, train, or bus are provided below.

by car: From Prague, take the D5 expressway to Plzen then road 27 towards Most. It is about a 2-hour drive.

by train: From Prague trains run regularly from the main station to Plzen, where you must transfer to a train heading towards Zatec or Most. Depending on the connection, the ride takes just under 3 hours. For the current schedule, call Prague's main station at +420-2 2422 4200, 2461 4030 or, for assistance in English, the Cedok travel agency +420-2 2422 8851 or Czech Train's Internet page.

by bus: Currently there is one direct bus from Prague to Plasy. Otherwise, buses run frequently from the Florence bus station to Plzen where there are connections to Plasy. The ride takes just over 2 hours. For the current schedule, call either Prague bus information at +420-2 1034 or Plzen bus information at +420-19 224019, 223704. For schedule information in English, call the Cedok travel agency at +420-2 2422 8851 or connect to the ABUS information on the Internet.