Invitations from the Beautification Society for the City of Ostrava
Cemetery Beautification and new Krásná Ostrava bulletin launch
21 June 2018, 6 PM
Futurist Week
22 – 30 November 2017
Invoking the memory of Italy’s noise engineers
Italian Cultural Institute, NG Trade Fair Palace
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Experience the City Anew
16 September, 11 AM to 8 PM
Vojtěšká Street
Anamaria Pravicencu
Semi Silent
25 April, 6 PM — OGV, Jihlava
27 April, 7:30 PM — Žižkostel, Microfestival, Prague
24 May, 7 PM — City Gallery Pardubice
Ostrava Commemorates Zdeněk Rossmann
World-renowned Graphic Artist to Have Memorial Plaque
8 November, 2018, 5 PM
Fiducia Club, Ostrava
Connections Continuum
Saša Spačal
Artist talk
Prague College – Bishop’s Court
11 October 2018, 6 PM
free admission
Petra Kapš
Doors of Paradise
Center for Architectural Heritage Plasy
Miloš Šejn: Fungus Body Videosonic Lightning, detail. 1994
The Nightingale’s Living Space
Miloš Šejn
artist’s talk
Mathey Hall, Center for Architectural Heritage Plasy
Picnic with Tonic Train
26 July, 2018, 5 PM
Concert, City Gallery of Pardubice
Marionette, 2017 – Antti Laitinen
How Forests Think
Martyna Poznańska and Peter Cusack
Audiovisual Report from Białowieża Forest
Vysočina Regional Gallery, Jihlava
Opening: 7 June 2018, 5 PM
Future of the Past
Macedonia’s Contemporary Political Art
Lecture by Elena Veljanovska
6 March 2018, 7PM at Tranzitdisplay
Soundworms Ecology Gathering
22 — 24 September 2017
Mariánské Radčice, Czech Republic
Participants and preliminary program
Daniela Snepp: The Tour Guides in the Convent Underground
Daniela Snepp
Tour of the Underground Convent
Underground of the Water System of Monastery
The Skins of Things
A Screening of Films by Hanna Rose Shell
13 June 2017, 8 PM at Cinema Ponrepo
Yury Bulka at Wakushoppu
7 February, 2017, 7:30 PM at Café V lese
Photo of Tony Conrad by Frederick Eberstadt
Tony Conrad
Completely in the Present
9 February, 2017, 8 PM at Bio Ponrepo
Experience the City Anew
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17 September, 2016
ArtMap To Open New Book Store
Autumn 2016 on Vojtěšská street
Baldur Children’s Book Fair
Baldur Children’s Book Fair
25 June, 2016 at the Fait Gallery, Brno
Steve Cohn
Steve Cohn and Guests
7 July, 2016 at the Café Neustadt
Baldur Children’s Book Fair
Baldur Children’s Book Fair
Fait Gallery, Brno
2016 vs. Interpretation Festival
2016 vs. Interpretation Festival
Event Photographs
Sara Washington and Knut Aufermann
Mobile Radio
Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann
vs. Interpretation Festival 2016
Announcing the 2nd vs. Interpretation Festival