Rolf Langebartels: Seilbahnmusik/Cable Car Music

Feedback Symposium - installation and Concert
Gianozzo Stiftung, Plasy Monastery 1994



Cable Car Music Rolf Langebartels performs concerts of site specific and improvised music in the installation CableCar Music., i.e. solo concerts and concerts together with other musicians, who play Cable Car Music as well or other instruments like guitar or percussion. Slide projections and videos sometimes complete a concert to a kind of music theater. "But finally there were a few high lights: Rolf Langebartels improvised on a mechanical electronic cable car installation a meditative but unusually exciting music suite using cables, jerrycans and effect devices."

Rolf Langebartels born 1941 in Mirow/Mecklenburg, lives since 1961 in Berlin. Since 1976 he shows his works in exhibitions and gives performances and concerts in the field of Audio Art or electro acoustic music. He performed in Germany and other European countries on many festivals. Besides his photographic work is mainly concerned with balance sculptures and installations, which he specifically designs for any space or location. During the last years his interest concentrates on sculptural work with sound: Table Concert with Personal Computer, sound installations or sound sculptures and concerts of site specific music on the basis of electro acoustic feedback (Cable Car Music).
In 1978 Langebartels founded in Berlin the non-for-profit gallery Galerie Giannozzo. In 1986 the gallery was transformed into the art association Kunstverein Giannozzo with him as the director (until 2007). Langebartels is active as well as a curator of exhibitions and an organizer of festivals of performance and sound art. In addition he organizes symposiums about theoretical aspects of actual art and music, e.g. the Symposium Feedback, The Phenomenon of Feedback in Science and Art, which took place in the Monastery of Plasy, Pilsen, Czechia 1994.