Šárka Sedláčková

The Circle
light installation, granary

UV light and circle in dark room

Sedláčková Šárka (1965) is a multimedia artist, sculptor, painter and designer. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (studio of Karel Malich, Aleš Veselý, Milan Knížák). She participated in collective exhibitions Orbis Fictus (New Media in Contemporary Art), 1995; Test Run, Does art have young ones?, 1999; Unplanned Connection (Jana & Milan Jelinek Foundation Scholars),1999; Labe – Elbe (Doteky ’99), 1999. She organizes together with the civic association Archetyp in Prague farmers’ markets.

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Šárka Sedláčková: Circle — light installation (1995). Photographer: archive Šárka Sedláčková:  (1995)Photographer: Archiv