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Art Academy Workshops
Festival Limbo 2
Residency Program

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Art Academy Workshops
"Everyday Celebrations" Photography Exhibition
"Rites de Passage" Performance Symposium
Baroque Concert Series
Festival LIMBO
Residency Program
"Yawning" Exhibition

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Hermit (1992)
Growthrings (1993)
Transparent Messenger (1994)
Meridian Crossings & Entarctic Shelf (1995)
Fungus: Inquiry of a Place (1145-1995) (1996)
Near the Beginning  (1997)
For information about symposium catalogues and recordings, go to the Publications page. 

residency program

brave wintertime residents ...
Tiago Pereira + Narcisa Costa (portugal) - video & movement - preparation of a performance work "I Have An Olive Tree On My Belly", premiered at Divadlo Archa, Prague on 1 April 1999

Marc Chenel (france) - site-specfic installations
Rosa Suner Fabrellas (spain) - improvised movement (recipient of 1998 UNESCO-Aschberg Busary)

- Jozsef Bartha (romania) - video installation
- Mercedes Bergliaffa Perez (argentina) - photography & painting
- Barbara Besze (hungary) - research on czech non-profit sector
- Natalie Bookchin (usa) - internet games, new media presentations, workshops in new media (for more about her work, click here)
- Marc Chenel (france) - as above
- C.R.A.N.E. (Jean Voguet, Annie Coridon, Alice Damas, Hernani Cor) (france) - performance
- Christos Chrissopoulos (greece) - fictional writing
- Marie "Mars" Drum (australia) - video, interventions + organizational assistance
- Christian Leibmann (switzerland/holland) - performance
- Diane Neumaier (usa) - preparation of an artists' book
- Skrytou Tvurci Jednotka Hidden Creative Unity (Adrian Fischer, Kristof Kintera, Krusha, David Maj, Irena Perclova, Anetta Riglova, Halka Tresnakova) (Czech Republic, UK) - preparation of a performance to tour the Czech Republic during the summer of 1999
- Rosa Suner Fabrellas (spain) - as above
- Kaeko Yamamuro (japan) - video performance

OPEN DAY - on July 17th
concert by SAADET TURKOZ (switzerland/turkey) - special guest
performance by ROSA SUNER FABRELLAS (spain) - resident artist
performance by AXE (Pavel Semchenko & Maxim Isaaev, St. Petersburg) - special guests
concert by SABOT (Chris Rankin (usa) - bass guitar & Hilary Binder (usa) - drums) - special guests

OPEN DAY - on August 15th
Clamour & Calm as Plasy Fairs
While the Plasy Fair hurlyburlies and local hunters display their kills, CMM resident artists and special guests presented their work on the Plasy monastery grounds ...

video installation
Kaeko Yamamuro (japan) - resident artist
performance + installation
Ewa Jacobsson (norway) - resident artist
video installation
Anna Daucikova (slovakia) - resident artist
"Flight To Let Z" - performance-sound-installation
Adrian Fisher (uk) & Petr Krusha (cz) with Lauren Goode (uk)
resident artists with special guest
jazz ensemble Pomeranc (cz) - special guests
Marie Ange Bordas (brasil) - resident artist
video presentation of 8mm films
"Can Art Heal" and "Is Art Thinking?"
Roland Eckelt (germany) - resident artist

festival limbo II
1st European Sanatorium
„silence cures all" ... uncle of the inventor of dynamite Wilfred Nobel

Plasy Monastery
18 - 21 June 1999

music . performance . installations
for healthy people

Society of Friends of Art-Plasy, Hermit Foundation, and the Town of Plasy presented the second annual international Festival LIMBO at the Center for Metamedia-Plasy. This year the festival took on a eco-psycho and overall therapeutic approach. A healthy environment, healthy diet, and the curative properties of art have a rejuvenating effect upon a civilization always on the go. Festival LIMBO – the first European sanatorium – encouraged the progress of the worldwide exchange of healers and health. All those believing in vigorous bodies and spirits and dignified living conditions for Europeans and others were invited to attend.

As with the first Festival LIMBO and other Hermit festivals of the past around the summer solstice, festival goers could expect to meet with diverse program of informal and, at times, improvisational concerts, performances, and happenings led by a number of artists, ensembles, and eccentrics local and from afar. The rooms, halls, and courtyards of the Plasy Monastery were transformed into architectural amphitheaters, where festival guests freely wandered and listened to live music in a number of genres, witnessed performances, took tests of physical health & stanima, savored ecological and tasty fare, and enriched themselves with the unforgettable experience offered to all visitors of the European sanatorium.

festival limbo II program
friday, 18 June
installations - silver, zdeněk závodný, nicolas collins, lexa walsh, marc chenel, franco angeloni, heinz weber
concerts - krestovský-durman, metamorphosis

saturday, 19 june
installations - silver, zdeněk závodný, nicolas collins, lexa walsh, marc chenel, franco angeloni, heinz weber
concerts - tamburašský soubor dalibor, george cremaschi, marek choloniewski + marek ostafil, nicolas collins, agon orchestra, boris dugaljov orchestra
performance - b. gene, anna daucíková, rosa suner fabrellas,

sunday, 20 june
installations - silver, zdeněk závodný, nicolas collins, lexa walsh, marc chenel, franco angeloni, heinz weber
sound installation - darko fritz
and installation - ademir arapovic + darko fritz
concerts - slede zivé slede, geert wageman + luisa rímanová, robert zolltisch
performance - alastair maclennan, petr lysácek, wladislaw kazmierczak + ewa smiegelska, richard fajnor

monday, 21 june
concert - franziska baumann + charlotte hug

Art Academy Workshops ­ April-October 
A series of working "retreats" for art students were held at the CMM upon the initiative of professors from several Czech art schools 
Additionally, the CMM organized an International Art Academies Workshop in April. The meeting of art academy students and instructors provided  opportunities for informal exchange, presentation of work, visits to Czech art academies. Participating academies hailed from Denmark, France, Germany, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic  [top] 

"Everyday Celebrations" photography exhibition - 16 May-13 June 
A selection of works by four contemporary Czech photographers -- Daniel Sperl, Jindrich Streit, Alena Dvorakova, Viktor Fiser -- exploring themes of rural life and faith. The exhibition was held in cloister's rondel. [top] 

"Rites de Passage" Performance Symposium ­ 17-24 May 
Ritual is often understood as a performance that brings about a magical or spiritual engagement with reality. In the context of creative work, ritual can, too, be an indispensable means of defying boredom and the senseless seriousness of society. This project – an international gathering of artists from the inner-most to the farthest reaches of performance – was inspired by the conviction that the time is ripe for an attempt to recommence an interdisciplinary discussion on this theme. Organized in collaboration with mamapapa. 

Martien Groenveld with Det Smeet - Dutch maker of music and instuments joined by the Dutch ceramist 
Richard Jung - Czech sociologist & philosopher (to go to Prof. Jung's web site: click here) 
David Horan & Petr Lysacek - sometime bi-continental collaborators 
Michal Murin & Peter Kalmus - Slovak performance duo 
mamapapa (Andrea Jantoskova, Kristyna Lhotakova, Tomas Zizka) - Czech performance collective 
Subtheater (Barbara de Groot, Duro Grdinic, Gerindo Kartadinada with Klaas Kuitenbouwer) - Holland-based performance group (to go the Subtheater web site: click here)
Zbigniew Warpechovski - Polish performance artist

Concert Series of Early Baroque Music ­ May-September 
Dedicated to Mauritius Vogt (1669-1730), the musician, composer, and polymath who lived and worked as a member of the Cistercian Order in the Plasy Monastery. Performances were held monthly on Saturdays in collaboration with the Historical Monument Institute in Plzen.  [top] 

LIMBO - Festival of "Unconventional Art" ­ 20-22 June 
Festival Limbo was a three-day cross-cultural performance event open to the public on the grounds of the Plasy Monastery. The festival program provided of a mixture of traditional and experimental music, theater and performance with scheduled concerts, puppet theater, movement theater, video showings, and outdoor movies, as well as a "workshop space" for improvisation among the participating performers. Twenty-nine performances were held by solo artists and ensembles from Germany, Austria, France, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, USA, and Australia – over 100 performers in total. Genres as various as electronic music, puppet theater, Russian folk songs, acrobatic movement theater, Chinese opera, traditional tamburizza music were held on the grounds of the former monastery. The all-day video program by Terminal Bar included selections for children and adults of short and feature-length animated, classic, underground, documentary, silent, and art films. Night-time outdoor movies were projected within the prelature courtyard. The aim was to enliven the activities of the Plasy Monastery with an event that harked back to various traditions of summer festivals and forward to contemporary forms of artistic celebration from a multitude of cultural sources.

Limbo was organized by the Center for Metamedia in collaboration with mamapapa, Terminal Bar, Skleněná louka and under the patronage of the town of Plasy and in cooperation with the Historical Monument Institute of Plzen and the management of the Plasy Monastery. Funding for the event was provided by Pro Helvetia Ost-West, APEXchanges and the Austrian Cultural Institute. Helpful cooperation was provided by Dominik Centrum, Nadace film a sociologie, Spolecnost pro novou hudbou. Media partner: Cesky rozhlas Plzen

Participating Performers:
Agon Orchestra - Czech contemporary music ensemble
Alom cimbalova musika - Czech-Romany interpreters of traditional gypsy music
Franziska Baumann - Swiss vocalist & flutist and composer of contemporary electronic music
Bile divadlo - Czech performance group
Buchty a loutky - Czech contemporary puppet theatre ensemble
Ceskomoravská hudebni spolecnost - Czech interpreters of traditional Moravian music
Doprovodna skupina - Czech-Slovak performance group
Pavel Fajt - Czech contemporary percussionist
Lubos Fiedler a spol. - Czech experimental music ensemble
Gulko with Linet Andrea - France-based U.S. and English acrobats
Kaljan Jazz - Czech experimental music group
Kopir rozsyval bestar - Czech contemporary music ensemble
Agnes Kutas - Czech-based Hungarian vocalist and violinist
Bill Le Page - American contemporary pianist and composer
Kristyna Lhotakova - Czech dancer and choreographer
Main bazaar - Czech interpreters of traditional Indian music
Metamorphosis - contemporary Austrian string quartet
Natura - osobni divadlo - Czech music and improvisational theater group
Tomas Ondrusek - Czech contemporary percussionist
Raduza - Czech vocalist
Spolek Tamburasu - Czech 18-person tamburizza ensemble
Subtheater - Holland-based international performance ensemble
Tana Svacha - Czech-based interpreter of traditional Russian songs
Song Vojtova a Jan Gajdosik - Czech-based Chinese-trained opera vocalist and Czech pianist
Andreas Wagner - German contemporary saxophonist
Wooden Toys - Czech experimental music ensemble
Dagmar Zuzanakova - Czech interpreter of miniature circus theater [top] 

Artist Residency Program - June-November 
Over 40 painters, musicians, experimental performers, video artists, dancers, installation artists and many others from a number of nations and affiliations stayed and worked at the Center for Metamedia on a variety of projects. 

The Residency Program and participating artists received support from Pro Helvetia, Open Society Fund-Prague and Belgrade, Gulliver’s Connect Program of the Felix Meritis Foundation, Canadian Council, Portuguese Ministry of Culture, European Union Kaleidoscope Program and the Dutch Ministry of Culture.

David Miller - Canadian visual artist - projects: photography and preparation of cast iron works for exhibition in Samorin, Slovakia 
Agnes Treija - Latvian art historian and curator - projects: research on contemporary Czech art and assistance with the organization of Festival LIMBO

Jana Budikova - Czech visual artist - project: installation of large-scale drawing in the granary attic 
Anton Cierny - Slovak visual artist - project: "Correct Breath" installation in the granary 
Miroslav Fekar - Czech visual artist - project: three-floor multi-form wood sculpture in the granary 
Allison Hunter - American visual artist - watercolors and photographic and video works 
Led Art (Nikola Dzafo, Dragan Zivancevic, Vesna Grgincevic, Miroslav Peric) - Serbian performance and visual art group - project: "Reconstruction of a Crime" performance-installation in the granary 
Christian Liebmann - Swiss performance and visual artist - painting and collaborative performance of a new original play 
David Miller - as above
Carolanne Patterson and Barbara Benish - American and Czech-based American visual artists - project: installation "Toy Boats in the Garden"
Jeremy Schaller - American visual artist - projects: video work in collaboration with Led Art and installation in the granary 

OPEN DAY - "Ledni Slavnost" on August 2nd included works by the July resident artists plus performances by: 
Richter Band - experimental music (Czech Republic) 
Ici Meme - multi-media perfomance (France) 
Jo Truman - vocal and didgeridoo (Australia) 

Ross Bolleter - Australian musician & performer - project: concert in the altan of tangoes, klezmer and other gems for the accordian 
Michael Delia - American visual artist & musican - projects: collaboration with RE.AL and recording with various Czech musicians for rellease as a cd 
Allison Hunter - as above 
Bozidar Kemperle - Slovenian visual artist - project: installation in the granary 
Ales Killian - Czech visual & sound artist - project: sound installation in the granary 
Christian Alexander Klempert - German visual artist - an exchange with Schloss Plueschow 
Michal Murin - Slovak performer - project: presentation of video works 
RE.AL (Joao Fiadeiro, Joao Simoes with Helga Guszner) - Portuguese dance-installation group in collaboration with an Austrian dancer - project: preparation in the zamecky sal of "Inside of the Outside, and the Inverse" - a dance-installation for a female dancer and four voices to be premiered 20 October 1998 in Lisbon, Portugal 
Kim Zieschang - German visual and performance artist - project: video and installation in the granary 

Michael Delia - as above 
William Gilbert - American visual artist - site-specific installation 
Irena & Vojtech Havel - Czech musicians - recording in colllaboration with M. Delia 
Etsuo Iimura - Japanese visual artist - installation in the altan 
Jaroslav Koran - Czech musician - recording in collaboration with M. Delia 
Michael Krondl - Canadian visual artist - installation in the prelature courtyard and granary 
Tomas Ondrusek - Czech musician - recording in collaboration with M. Delia 
Antonette Rosato - American visual artist - site-specific installation 
Jonty Semper - British visual and performance artist - site-specific project 
Dan Senn - American interdisciplinary artist - preparation for performance more about the artist and his work: www.newsense-intermedium.com 

OPEN DAY - "ZATVA - Harvestfest" on September 25th included works & performances by the September resident artists, plus these special guests: 
concert by Michael Delia (usa) with Tomas Ondrusek (cz), Jaroslav Koran (cz) and Martien Groenveld (nl) improvisation on ethnic, experimental, found, and artist-made instruments 
concert by Eurasian Art Ensemble (Sergei Starostin (rus) - vocal & flute; Robert Zollitsch (d) - zither & vocal; Wu Wei (china) - sheng & erhu; Tomas Ondrusek (cz) - percussion) 
concert by Sabot (Chris Rankin (usa) - bass guitar & Hilary Binder (usa) - drums) 
video by Martin Zet (cz) 
performance by Kim Zieschang - "USUS" (d) using the installation the artist created at the CMM in August to explore "a heterotopian scenario, offering a playful investigation of our notion of space in relation to the body and movement"  

William Gilbert - as above 
Bri Hurley - American visual and performing artist - project: site-specific choreography in collaboration with Ivana Tersova (Czech dancer) and musicians 
Adela Matasova from the Prague School of Applied Arts led a workshop for her students 
Antonette Rosato - as above 

Joel Bachar - American video artist and organizer of "Independent Exposure", a monthly showcase for video & film in Seattle, WA - research on contemporary activity in film & video in the Czech Republic and presentation of the "Independent Exposure" program at various Czech venues - more about "Independent Exposure": www.www.speakeasy.org/blackchair 
Hans Von Koolwijk - Dutch musician and creator of experimental musical instruments - project: recording session in St. Bernard Chapel using his bamboo organ [top] 

"Yawning" exhibiton of installation art - 24 July-24 August - At Home Gallery, Samorin, Slovakia 
A presentation of works made specifically for the exhibition that investigate the contemporary meanings of the exhibition site - the Šamorín Synagogue which has served as the At Home Gallery since 1997 and recently was recognized as a cultural monument.

Financial support for the exhibition was provided by the Czech Center and Pro Helvetia-Slovakia.

Participating Artists: Charlie Citron (USA-NL) - altered photography installation
Peter Kalmus (SK) - performance
David Miller (Canada) - installations of cast-iron objects: Minyan, Ocist-a-ie (permanent)
Michal Murín (SK) - performance
Milos Vojtechovsky (CZ) - object-sound installation
Martin Zet (CZ) - object-sound installation

Hermit, 1992
Karel Adamus, CZ 
Pierre Berthet & Brigit Romano, BEL 
Rene Bogaerts, NL 
Ad van Buuren, NL 
Bram Cox & Mathias Klein, NL 
Michael Delia, USA 
Kristine Deray & C.O.I.L., AUS 
Conrad van der Drieschen, NL 
Peter van der Ent, NL 
Maria Evelien, NL 
Pavel Fajt, CZ 
Lubos Dalmador Fiedler, GER 
Fred Frith, GB 
Guadalupe Garcia, MEX 
Hilary Vexil, NL 
Tomas Hlavina, CZ 
Anna Homler, USA 
Iris Honderos, NL 
Martin Janicek. CZ 
Oldrich Janota, CZ  
Wim Jans, BEL 
Jiri Kornatovsky, CZ 
Harald & Daniela Kubiczak, GER
Guus Koenraads, NL 
Edward Luyken, NL 
Ronald Medema, NL 
Zjos Meyvis, BEL 
Phill Niblock, USA 
Jiri Olt, CZ 
Baudouin Oosterlynck, BEL 
Marian Palla, CZ 
Paul Panhuysen, NL 
Smisene Pocity, CZ 
Emil Pospisil, CZ 
Felicitas Rath, GER 
Horst Rickels, GER 
Milos Sejn, CZ 
Sluik/Kurpershoek, NL 
Orloj Snivcu, CZ 
Martin Stroober, NL 
Jan Svoboda, CZ 
Sven Thomsen, DAN 
Marjo Tobben, NL  
Josephine Truman, AUS 
Victor Wentinck, NL 
Marten Winters, NL 
Zyklus, NL
Growthrings, 1993
Agon Orchestr, CZ 
Ademir Arapovic, NL 
Deborah Boardman, USA 
Dian Booth, GB 
Michal Bouzek, CZ 
Floris Brasser, NL 
Sjoerd Buisman, NL 
Eva Carrozza, USA 
Mathilde Cuijpers, NL 
Frans Daels, NL 
Josef Danek, CZ 
Michael Delia, USA 
Mark Dijkstra,NL 
Sander Doerbecker, NL 
Daphne Kouwenaar, NL 
David Dramm & Ann La Berge, USA 
Peter van der Ent, NL 
Pavel Fajt, CZ 
Lubos Dalmador Fidler, GER 
Alexander Fischer, SW 
Esther Fischer, USA 
Florian, CZ 
Sarah Fraser, CAN 
Ellen Gieles, NL 
Martien Groeneveld, NL 
Els de Gruiter, NL 
Cees Gunsing, NL 
Anton Haakman, NL 
Jeiji Haijno, JAPAN 
Joshua Hakimi, USA 
Ben Hillwood Harris, GB 
Ron Haselden, GB 
Irena & Vojtech Havel, CZ 
Eva & Rupert van Heiningen, CZ 
Tomas Hlavina, CZ 
Igor Hlavinka, CZ 
Mario van Horrik, NL 
Mojmir Horyna, CZ 
Thomas Jacobs, USA 
Peter Jacquemyn, BEL 
Martin Janicek, CZ 
Oldrich Janota & Jina rychlost casu, CZ 
Kristof Kintera & Jaj Moredyk, CZ 
Sharon Kivland, GB 
Vladimir Kokolia, CZ
Hans van Koolwijk & Klaas Hoek, NL 
Jiri Kornatovsky, CZ 
Petr Kvicala, CZ 
Tomas Lahoda & Milos Vojtechovsky, CZ 
Ley-On, NL 
Herman Makking, NL 
Marek & Benda, CZ 
Mercy, GER 
Rudolf Merinsky & Jana Lewitova, CZ 
Mary Modeen, SCOTLAND 
Jaj Moredyk, CZ 
Ales Muller, CZ 
Florence A. Neal, USA 
Phill Niblock & James Fulkerson, USA & NL 
Petr Nikl, CZ 
Pavel Opocensky, CZ 
Marian Palla, CZ 
Nico Parlevliet, NL 
Orloj Snivcu, CZ 
Stepan Rak, CZ 
Richter Band, CZ 
Relaxace, CZ 
Horst Rickels & Victor Wentinck, NL 
Balduin Romberg, GER 
Tomas Ruller, CZ 
Ricarova & Vitek, CZ 
Christoph Schlager, GER 
Hyroyoku Shimizu, JAPAN 
Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest, NL 
Bodo Stock, GER 
Max Streicher, CAN 
Cestmir Suska, CZ 
Jan Svoboda, CZ 
Jitka Svobodova, CZ 
Tibor Szemso, HUN 
Jaroslav Stastny, CZ 
Ryo Takahashi, JAPAN 
Jaromir Tichy, CZ 
Martijn Troost, NL 
Josephine Truman, AUS 
Urbankovci, SLO 
Hilary Vexil, NL 
Erik Wijntjes, NL 
Henri van Zanten, NL 
Zyklus, NL
Transparent Messenger, 1994
John Anderson, AUS 
Boris Bakal, CRO 
Michal Bouzek, CZ 
Jens Brand & Waldo Riedl, GER 
Claire Couper, GB 
Peter Cusac, GB 
Attila Czergo, HUN 
Jagdish Chander, India 
Hugh Davies, GB 
Michael Delia, USA 
Sandro Dukic, CRO 
E, CZ 
Trudi van Elsen, NL 
Pavel Fajt, CZ 
Florian, CZ 
James Fulkerson, USA 
Martin Groeneveld, NL 
Ron Haselden, GB 
Irena & Vojtech Havel, CZ 
Oldrich Janota, CZ 
Ivan Kafka, CZ 
Erika Kiffl, GER 
Sharon Kivland, GB 
Martin Klapper & Erhard Hirt, DEN, GER 
Adam Klimczak, POL
Lorraine Kordecki, GB 
Monika & Bohus Kubinsk, SLO 
Peter Machajdik, SLO 
Daniel Matej, SLO 
Tomasz Matuszak, POL 
Anchelka Mazur, Austria 
Rajesh Mehta, USA 
James Meneses, USA 
Jacek Mrozowicz, POL 
Petr Nikl, CZ 
Orloj Snivcu, CZ 
Paul Panhuysen, NL 
Marek Piacek, SLO 
Richard Powell, GB 
Rerun Production, NL 
Rova Saxophone Quartet, USA 
Gert de Ruijter, NL 
An Seebach, GER 
Roman Signer, SZ 
Silver, CZ 
Stichting Tropisme, NL 
Milos Sejn, CZ 
Bert Theis, IT 
Gertrude Moser Wagner, Austria 
Richard Waszko, POL
Meridian Crossings, 1995
Boris Bakal, CRO 
Anna Best, GB 
Loris Cechinni, ITL 
Andrea Crociani, ITL 
Jiri Cernicky, CZ 
John Dickson, CAN 
Jimmie Durham, USA 
Avraham Eilat, ISR 
Michael Fernandes, CAN 
Hama Goro, Ghana 
Ales Hnizdil, CZ 
Martin Janicek, CZ 
Kaisu Koivisto, FIN 
Tilman Küntzel, GER 
Athanasios Lagopules, GRE 
Allister MacLennan, IRL 
Patric Matthews, NL 
Christopher McKeeman, GB
David Miller, CAN 
Suzanne Miller, CAN 
Alexander Moust, NL 
Alan Paivio, CAN 
John Reardon, IRL 
Arthur Renwick, CAN 
SILVER (Milan Gustar, Pavel Rejbolec, Petr Svarovsky), CZ 
Sarka Sedlackova, CZ 
Anke Schulte-Steinberg, GER 
Daniela Snepp, CAN 
Max Streicher, CAN 
Jan Svoboda, CZ 
Richard Thomas, AUS 
Margita Titlova, CZ 
Ad van Buuren, NL 
Gertrude Moser Wagner, Austria 
Kathryn Miya Walter, USA 
Martin Zet, CZ
Fungus - Inquiry of Place (1145-1995)
Jan Ambruz, CZ 
Geert Bischop, NL 
Stefan Bohnenberger, GER 
Laco Carny, SLO 
Charlie Citron, USA 
Trudy van der Elsen, NL 
Judith Dimitria Fleishman, USA 
David Garcia, GB 
Igor Hlavinka, CZ
Uschi Kutz, GER 
Willi Loyen, NL 
Peter Lelliot, GB 
Stefan Pfaff Hosch, GER 
Milos Sejn, CZ 
Emoke Vargova, SOL 
Vladimir Vimr, CZ 
Erna Verlinden, BEL 
Linda Vinck, BEL 
Karl Weibl, GER
Entarctic Shelf Festival, 1995
A.W.O.L. Love Vibe (Alex Ferguson, Kedrick James, John Sobol), CAN 
Jindrich Biskup, DEN 
BMBcon (Justin Bennet, Wikke `t Hooft, Roelf Toxopeus), NL 
Weil Conen, NL 
Michael Delia, USA 
divadlo Mehedaha (Jiri Cernicky, 
Petr Nikl), CZ 
Pavel Fajt, CZ 
Irena & Vojtech Havel, CZ 
Erhart Hirt, GER 
Tim Hodgkinson, GB 
Martin Klapper, DEN 
Jim Meneses, USA 
Christer Irgens Moller, DEN 
Jacques M. van Poppel, NL
Amanda Stewart, AUS 
STEIM (Richard Barnett, Ray Edgar, Luc Houtkamp), NL 
Stichting Antarctica (Mark Dijkstra, Petra Dubach, Mario van Horrik, Tom Veeger), NL 
Raymond Strid, Sweden 
Jo Truman, AUS 
Roi Vaara, FIN 
Zbigniew Warpechovski, POL 
Zapomenuty orchestr Zeme Snivcu (Reigen Brown, Michael Delia, Jaroslav Koran, Michal Koran, Marie Kunikova, Jiri Smachtl; light projection: Hedvika Vlasakova, Vaclav Novotny), CZ 
Daniela Zehnder, SW
Near the Beginning, 1997
Christophe Charles, FR-Japan 
Dalibor Chatrny, CZ 
Michael Delia, USA 
Ritsuko Endo, Japan 
Indrek Erm, Estonia 
eye scratch, USA 
Zuzana Fusterova, CZ 
Daniel Hanzlik, CZ 
Tomas Hlavina, CZ 
Igor Hlavinka, CZ 
Vladimir Kokolia, CZ 
Inge Koskova, CZ 
Miro Koval, CZ 
Anezka Kovalova, CZ 
Petr Kvicala, CZ 
Frantisek Kowalowski, CZ 
Robert Langh, HUN 
Jason MacDonald, GB 
Jeroem Meijer, NL 
Jiri Melzer, CZ 
Jan Merta, CZ 
Pavel Mika, CZ 
Mare Mikoff, Estonia 
David Mills, USA 
David Mozny, CZ
Pavel Mrkus, CZ 
Frank Mundt, CZ 
Orsolya Nyitrai, HUN 
Rait Parg, Estonia 
Jiri Pliestik, CZ 
Viliam Poltikovic, CZ 
Oskar Prebanic, Bosnia 
Alexander Roitburd, UKR 
Christina La Sala, USA 
Shuichi Chino, Japan 
Mustafa Skopjlak, Bosnia 
Ondra Smeykal, CZ 
Soichi Arichi , Japan 
Cestmir Suska, CZ 
Jan Svoboda, CZ 
Mirsad Sehic, Bosnia 
Daniel Sperl, CZ 
Sasaoka Takashi, Japan 
Krista Thomson, Estonia 
Tokitsu Asako, Japan 
Toyohisa Amano, Japan 
Robert Urbacek, CZ 
Petr Vesely, CZ 
Vladimir Vimr, CZ 
Martin Zet, CZ 
Jasan Zoubek, CZ