Adrian Fisher / Lauren Goode

Plasy Monastery, 1999
artsts in residence

in process

Lauren Goode is british performance artist, film makers and visual artist. She is London-based and has exhibited and performed in the UK and oversea. She is director of the arts, architecture, sound and ecology project, the Live Art Garden Initiative.

Her current research has the working title ‘Desire, Event. Version Zero’ and forms an arts engagement with interdisciplinary contemporary philosophy/science and the politicality of Becoming and Event. Firstly, the research addresses Version Zero, problematising Immanence, Desire and Event via the work of Nietzsche, Klossowski, Deleuze, Lyotard, DeLanda, Golding, Kuhn, Ho, Badiou, Laruelle, Hayles and Parisi, amongst others. Secondly, the research is directed at libidinal and aleatory growing environs, and takes the thematic ‘Repression and Expression of Event’. This part of the research inquiry is via Dispossession in works by Haneke, Tarr, Sauper, McQueen; and then via Immersivity in contemporary Fine Arts, with practice interventions in urban green-space and field-garden environs. Lauren is an Associate Researcher at CFAR (Centre for Fine Art), BIAD – Birmingham Institute of Art & Design (Birmingham City University). Lauren's early sculptural and media installations drew upon the intensities of, and situated works within, specific architectural environs and interiority: zoo cages, multi-storey car parks, castles; a bungalow, beach hut and garden shed; wardrobes and bedside cabinets. Later experimental site-specific performance projects developed collaborative and solo practice in a wide range of public and private contexts, but especially outdoors in urban open/green-space settings, parkland and garden landscapes. Her principal in-situ performance, and film, projects, have involved durational performative elements and movement-based improvisation.

Adrian Fisher (UK) studied at Goldsmiths College, London University, BA Fine Art and Critical Theory. Since first collaborating with Luna Montenegro (Chile)  in January 2000 they have shown their work extensively in the UK, Europe and South America including CCCB, Centro de Cultura Contemporánea, Barcelona, ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, Palacio das Artes, Bello Horizonte, Brazil as well as in diverse art galleries, residencies, festivals, site-specific projects, internet and radio.
Their artist collective was created in 2000 as a fluid space of collaboration, research and experimentation working with ideas of context, the visceral and the poetic. Their work is site specific and social, leading to collaborations with other artists, poets, musicians and local communities.