Sráč Sam


The Sam83 gallery is not your regular gallery. One can find there a ceramics workshop, an art studio, and a flat for residencies. All of that is part of a vast rural building. The overall dramaturgy and conception behind Sam83 was framed by the female duo of Sráč Sam and Denisa Bytelová who cooperate with a shifting roster of associates. The documentary Vize pro novou kulturu (Visions for a New Culture) from 1989 was a major influence on Sam who first conceived and then started to fulfill her vision. The main prerogative is to remain economical, ecological, and socially-oriented in their activities. The artistic dramaturgy places emphasis on experimentation and discovery, as well as fostering unusual connections, all of which has made Sam83 a unique and sought-after space for both local and cross-country projects catering to both lay and expert audiences. Sam83 refuses to support its own activities from grant money, so the program is financed from the private sources of the two organizers or the activities of the ceramics workshop. The Sam83 collective publishes the cultural quarterly Pižmo (Musk).