Frank van de Ven – Miloš Šejn – all participants: Baroque water mirror

underground water basin
Bohemiae Rosa
Plasy Monastery, 1997

Proposal by Miloš Šejn and Frank van den Ven

Entering the underground water basin walking backwards in convent corridor touching bodies on wall and staircase.

Plasy, 1997

The performance took place in one of the indoor pools located in the mirrors of three-spiral staircases. The tanks are part of the water system, through which fresh clean water was constantly supplied to the flooded wooden foundations of the foundations, thus ensuring their preservation. In these reservoirs the monks could monitor the groundwater level and react to any changes. In the 1990s the water system was not functional due to improper repairs, water pollution by sludge and organic components.

Today, for the most part, the system has been restored to its original state. Due to the complex synergic effect of the water and ventilation system in the convent building, the indoor climate parameters are measured above the water level of the northern signaling pool and the water quality in the pools is also checked.