Hans van Eck: Bambuso Sonoro

CD recording
Saint Bernard Chapel
Plasy Monastery 1998




Hans van Eck


Hermit Foundation


Plasy Monastery

Hans van Eck is one of the founders of the Schreck-Ensemble , where he plays an important role as the artistic leader and sound-director of the ensemble. He received his formal training in Electronic Music from Jaap Vink and G.M. Koenig at the Institute of Sonology, and studied Musicology with Ton de Leeuw, prof. Frits Noske and dr. Leigh Landy at the University of Amsterdam. He graduated cum laude on a thesis about Johann Jacob Froberger. Hans van Eck got private lessons in Compositional Techniques from Daan Manneke.

From 1976 on he composes music for different scoring of instruments sometimes in combination with electronic sounds as well as pure electronic music. His works are played a.o. in 'Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ', 'Het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam', 'Muziekcentrum Vredenburg' in The Netherlands, and in Germany (LŸneburg), Italy (Rome, Sassari), Spain (Granada, Sevilla), Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Rumania and Brazil. Performed by his own Schreck Ensemble, the Aquarius Ensemble conducted by Lucas Vis and others.

He was the sound-director at the In Situ -project 'Klanken verbeeld, Beelden verklankt' in the Castle Eijsden, in Eijsden near Maastricht. His large-scale music theatre work Nuctemeron is played many times in the period 2000 - 2010.

As producer/recording-technician/composer he collaborated with Hans van Koolwijk in the realisation of the CD Bambuso Sonoro. He has become a regular guest at Van Koolwijk's projects. Hans van Eck is one of the developers of the BassBox on which he performs regularly. He is also the main performer on Hans van Koolwijks Eckoo.