Jiná rychlost času / Altered Velocity of Time

St. Bernard chapel


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Plasy Monastery

"There are different dimensions of space and different dimensions of time. Music is an immediate imprint of space, light, ambient sounds and perception of all the musicians involved."

The CD "Altered Velocity of Time - Astral Map" was recorded in St. Benedict chapel in September of 1992.
Ensemble "Jiná rychlost času" at Growthrings 1993 featured: Zbyněk Bělík, Radka Hanzlíková, Oldřich Janota, Elena Kubíčková, xx, xx.

1. Confine (Quiet) Of Light [09:24] - glass bowls, guitar viola, voice, flute
2. Hand in a Circle [06:58] - barrel, gong, guitar viola, ringing
3. Convent on The Water [11:51] - voice, guitar, mandolin, flute, "birds"
4. Following the Traces of an Ermine [08:11] - guitar viola, "birds", voice, mandolin, flute
5. Charcoal Pile [11:05] - guitar, mandolin, drum, flutes, bowls, voice
6. Confine of Light [07:05] - bowls, guitar viola 

total time: 54:34 
mastered by Luboš D. Fidler
recorded by Jiří Mergl, remix - studio Bevox Praha, October 1993
cover design: Dana Fidlerová, Material Score, L.D.F
photo: Daniel Šperl
thanks: Tonda Hlávka, Otmar Průša, Mirko Jurtel and Aladin