Arichi Soichi & Sasaoka Takashi: Reflex

light installation

"The experience in the Czech Republic provided us a place of bend which asked us to get along in a different culture and daily life. When we exhibit work at a foreign country, we feel a little sense of incongruity. One of the factors may exist within the concept of our work. The most important concept is to be aware that we see but we don't know about daily life. But 'daily life' doesn't always come through in foreign countries just as it is. Our concept may lose it's steadiness… We then must look for common cognition. Miloš Vojtěchovský, a director of this project, said: 'The communication and affairs done everyday in the foundation are the symposium.' Maybe it means that it provides a scene in which an artist thinks daily life in a different culture again. The most valuable experience for us in Czech was that we asked about our sense of values again."

Takashi Sasaoka, 1997

"The installation was located in one of the the ice cellars under the barn. The reflections from the rotating disco ball changed the underground room into a hallucinatory virtual space experience."

Miloš Vojtěchovský, 2018

Takashi Sasaoka (born 1956 in Japan) graduated, in 1982, from the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Art. Individual Exhibitions include  "Criterium", Art Tower Mito Contemporary Art Gallery, Ibaragi, 1992;  "Curator's Eye`93", Gallery NW House,Tokyo, 1993; +Gallery, Aichi, 2007; or CAS, Osaka, 2012. He lives and works in Osaka, Japan.