Orsolya Nyitrai: The Lost Sheep

interactive computer installation

"Our irritation begins with communication that it is not always accurate. 'My' intention is never transmitted properly, even to people who use the same language. Transmission will be much more accurate between those who speak a different language. After all, there is no general idea that we can share (it is rules of grammar, not meaning, that can be shared.) Every misfortune and every happy moment are then called upon, and awakened by an imagined feeling of sharing. This reality is the starting point.
Various signs are written down by 'me.' The feeling of time when this is present really passes. The feeling of the temperature of the time (history) when it accumulates. The smell of the air. Light. Darkness. Artificial light. Color. Shape.
The language which became confused. The scenery piled up by personal eyes. (But the eyes are surely influenced by cultural measure.)
Confusion removes ordinary meaning. Then, the possibility of unknown, general ideas is suggested.
'I' exist as a crossing. 'I' exist as an origin of multiple dimensional coordinates. The crossing (origin) of 'you' exists at the same time. There is no common point in each scale. There is no way to ascertain it.
We will be able to discern each other's coordinate space which does not appear intuitively to the eyes by recognizing this reality. We will be able to catch a glimpse of the actual meaning of various signs to the pile of the coordinate shaft which cannot be seen with the eyes.
'I' can expend the space further by accepting this fact sincerely.

Orsolya Nyitrai, 1997

Orsolya Nyitrai (born 1971 in Budapest) is a visual and new media artist. She studied in 1994 at the Decorator Training School in Budapest and, between 1994 and 1999, at the Intermedia department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. In 2000, she finished her postgraduate studies at the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.