Robert Urbásek: S.- V.

computer generated drawings

Robert Urbásek (born 1965 in Bratislava) is a Slovak painter and graphic artist. In the 1980s, he studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts (F. Hodonský, F. Jiroudek, J. Karmazín). He is a member of the Concretist Club.

He entered the Slovak fine arts with an abstract mathematical hermetic concept and his work builds on the criteria of a strict selection of the painting's available means. His pictures often have no name, only a number. 

He uses a special technique - on the canvas there is a layer of color which, when it begins to dry, interferes with it so that it creates different structures on the surface of a single color tone. The cloth acts like a magical surface. Once it comes alive with the dynamic movement of the curves, it trembles elsewhere with the delicate harmony of the parallels, then with a cold calmness. Every time, Urbásek  fascinates and pulls the mind into the depths of thought and emotion.

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