Wim Jans: Without Title

site-specific installation (beech seeds)
Plasy Monastery 1992




Wim Jans


Miloš Vojtěchovský


Hermit Foundation


Plasy Monastery

The artistic oeuvre of Wim Janssen wants to induce an interpersonal continuum. It functions as a poetic suggestion, an instrument, a means to the intended end: create a superlative structure in which unity, harmony and clarity fortify one another. Triadic configuration in Wim Janssen's works is never accidental:  culture, nature and science are the three basic structures underlaying the poetic symbiosis which his work envisages.

The composition which is one of the three basic contents of the whole installation is made of of beech seeds, arranged as a leaf. The seeds are to be stuck to a neutral wall. Underneath this construction, there is a little dish made of copper, filled up with the ashes of related seeds.

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