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Acoustic Ecology
Exploring the Aural World
An Acoustic Ecology Reader
Ror-bu & LuFi Luboš Fidler/Veronika Svobodová
17 September 2019, 7 PM
GHMP, Stone Bell House
The Lost Expedition
Post-national Conceptual Mobile Network (PNCMN)
2003 - 2005
Expanded Radio Jelení
Soundscape Composition as Global Music
Electroacoustic Music as Soundscape
Barry Truax
Pass It On: Early Morning Soundscapes
Reveil 2020 Collection
An Anthology of Recordings
Lecture and Presentation by Martin Howse
1 September 2020, 6 PM
Artmap Bookstore
Rachel Mader
Plasy Monastery 1999
Milan Guštar
Transparent Messenger
Plasy Monastery 1994
Center for Metamedia Project
1995 / 1996 - 1998
Pro Helvetia Ost West
Sub Rosa I. Symposium
Night Falls – Light Walls / Sefirotic Tree
21–23 June, 1996
Plasy Monastery
24 July – 24 August, 1998
Martin Zet, David Miller, Charlie Citron, Miloš Vojtěchovský
At Home Gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia
Vladimír Škoda: Residency with students
Residence 1998
Pavel Olegovich Semchenko
Residencies 1999
with Nathalie Alonso Casale
Nathalie Alonso Casale
Filming with Pavel Semchenko
Plasy Monastery, 1999
Miklós Peternák
C3 Budapest
Miloš Šejn: Remark on Color Collection
text from the CD ROM
Nature's Cabinet of Colours, Words and Sounds
Miloš Vojtěchovský
Essay for the CD Rom Colorum Naturae Varietas
Center for Metamedia Plasy, 1999
Colorvm Natvrae Varietas
Remarks on Colour and Sound
Centrum for Metamedia Plasy / Center C3, Budapest
Ewa Jacobsson: Plasy Pickles
Site-specific Installation and Performance
15 August 1999
Plasy Monastery
Presentation of works by resident artists
25 September, 1998
Plasy Monastery
Zdeněk Neubauer: Earth as the Philosophical Archetype
Rites of Passage
An Informal Gathering on Performativity
17 – 24 May, 1998
Center for Metamedia
Plasy Monastery
Nicolas Collins: !Trumpet Petr Válek: Noise
Guest: George Cremaschi – double bass
5 June 2019, 7 PM
GHMP, Stone Bell House
Limbo II – Festival
First Paneuropean Santorium
19-22 June, 1999
Plasy Monastery