Wooden Toys

Concert with live slide projection
Festival Limbo I, 20-22 June 1998

Pavel Richter: el. quitairs
Antonín Hlávka: djembe, shekere
Ian Wood: didgeridoo
Ondřej Smeykal: live visuals, slide projectors

Ondřej Smeykal (1975 in Sušice) is a Czech artist (graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, studio of Vladimír Kokolia) and a musician, and a professional player and a pioneer of the Australian indigenous instrument didgeridoo and electrodidgeridoo. He started his visual arts career by providing visuals for musical performance (collaboration with Pavel Richter’s Wooden Toys, together with Ian Wood and Antonín Hlávka). Later, he started to play on ordinary paper tubes used to roll carpets and, later still, he stayed for a year in Australia, studying Aboriginal rock painting at the University of Canberra and Australian native instruments. Today, he devotes himself exclusively to concerts, and organizing didgeridoo workshops. In 1998, Ondřej was still a student of the Academy of Fine Arts.

Ian Wood is Australian musician, living and working in Prague in 90ies, returned to Australia in 2003, he published and produced CD Pražské snění by Faust records, 1996

Pavel Richter (* 21.12.1956) is Musician and producer, an important figure of Czech alternative scene. Member of the bands Elektrobus (1975-76), Stehlik (1977), Švehlik (1977-1982), Marno Union (1982-83), Janota-Fidler-Richter (1983-1985), since 1986 his own Richter Band. Besides he took part in other alternative projects (theatre and movie soundtracks, guest in alternative bands F.O.K., MCH Band, Dvouleta fama, Dunaj,...)

Discography (just solo and Richter Band): Richter Band (Rachot 1992), Roxy (Richter-Koran, Richtig Music 1997), 3. ...to co lidi syti (Richter Band, Richtig Music 1998), High Fidelity (Janota-Fidler-Richter, Indies Rec. 2001), Au Pair - L‘ Oper (Richter-Rajnosek-Koran, NM COde 2003), Richtig Music (Indies 2003)

Dead Line (NM Code 2004), In New York (Richter-Chadima, Black Point 2004, The Fourth Wish (NM Code 2005), Dr. Dernets Songs (Richter Band, Richtig Music 2009), Smetana (Richter Band, home recordings from 1990, Nextera 2009)

Samplers and guest appearances

Dunaj (LP Panton 1988)
MCH Band 1982-1986 (TomK 1992)
Ian Wood: Pražské snění (Faust Rec. 1996)
Prazska petka (SOundtrack, Radost 1997)
Michal Kořán: Étaín (SK: NM Code 2000, CZ: Blue Lizard Records 2001)
Michal Kořán: Poslední věci anděla (NM Code 2003)
Various Artists: Salute Zappa (Black Point 2003)
Various Artists: His Voice Sampler II (His Voice 004)
(a number of recordings with the bands Elektrobus, Svehlik, Marno Union, Wooden Toys)

Antonín Hlávka Percussionist