Wooden Toys

Concert with live slide projection
Limbo I, 1998

Pavel Richter: el. quitairs
Antonín Hlávka: djembe, shekere
Ian Wood: Didgeridoo
Ondřej Smeykal: live visuals

Ondřej Smeykal (born 1975 in Sušice) is a Czech artist (graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, studio of Vladimír Kokolia) and a musician, and a professional player and a pioneer of the Australian indigenous instrument didgeridoo and electrodidgeridoo. He started his visual arts career by providing visuals for musical performance (collaboration with Pavel Richter’s Wooden Toys, together with Ian Wood and Antonín Hlávka). Later, he started to play on ordinary paper tubes used to roll carpets and, later still, he stayed for a year in Australia, studying Aboriginal rock painting at the University of Canberra and Australian native instruments. Today, he devotes himself exclusively to concerts, and organizing didgeridoo workshops. In 1998, Ondřej was still a student of the Academy of Fine Arts.

Antonín Hlávka

Ian Wood

Pavel Richter