Roi Vaara

From the Monastery to the Bank and Back

Entartic Shelf Festival: 23 June – 3 July, 1995


From the series Globe

Avraham Eilat has brought with him interesting looking white fluff from Israel. He likes to decorate my body with that fuzz and with some other materials. I wear an old gas mask too small for my head valiantly and on top of my head there's a small globe. I'm covered all over with that white fluff.

I take a slow walk from the monastery to the bank of the small village. I climb a few stone steps and enter the bank, greet the counter lady by the desk before I go out again. At the stairs I open my wallet filled with white feathers. I take out the feathers to let them fly away with the wind. I walk slowly back to the monastery. Next day I've been told that the bank manager of the bank, I had visited had died later on the same day I had performed.

Roi Vaara

Performance artist Roi Vaara (b. 1953) has criticised the art world for concentrating too much on museums and galleries. Vaara has chosen to make art differently, in the very midst of people. The artist became known for his performance character, who, painted white, walked in public spaces..