Martin Janíček

Audiovisual Installation
light projection, radio, foils, glass lens, water

Entarctic Shelf Festival: 23 June – 3 July, 1995


“Installation was based on a ‘visualisation’ of sonic impulses/rhythms via direct mechanical connection of the speaker in radio to the coloured foils, floating on water in a Petri bowl. The bowl was lighted up by the spotlight, and the image was projected on the ceiling of the room in the granary. The connection between speaker and foils consisted of thin copper wires.

The source of the sound was radio … the sound was distorted, to amplify the movement — lot of sub-bass. I was inquiring the possibility of transforming the sound into the image in a purely mechanical way”.

Martin Janíček 2017

Martin Janíček (b. 1961, Prague) is a Czech sound artist, sculptor, musician and sound designer. His works are focusing on the exploration of the acoustic qualities of various materials — he is also a musical instrument builder. Most of his works feature interactive quality in connection with concentrated-simple form. Conceptually bound with to the site-specific character of work. Originally trained at a bronze foundry, Studied Academy of Fine Arts in Prague 1990-97, later worked as the assistant of professor Milos Šejn at Conceptual Department of AFA, Prague for 6 years. Since 1998 collaborations since 2000 core member of mamapapa ngo, numerous site specific projects in CR and abroad-unused spaces and social issues-minorities, homeless, language.

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