RE.AL (João Fiadeiro/João Simoes/Helga Guszner)
Inside of the Outside and the Inverse

umělecká residence, taneční představení
srpen, Klášter Plasy 1998




João Fiadeiro


Hermit Residencies 1999


Plasy Monastery

Portugalská skupina choreografie - instalace ve spolupráci s rakouskou tanečnicí Helgou Guszner - zkoušela představení "Inside of the Outside and the Inverse" - pro tanečnici a 4 hlasy. Práce měla premiéru 20, 10. 1998 v Lisbonu.

João Fiadeiro (1965) is a choreographer, performer, researcher and teacher. He belongs to the generation of choreographers who emerged in the late eighties in Portugal and gave rise to the New Portuguese Dance. Much of his training was done between Lisbon, New York and Berlin. He was a dancer with the Dance Company of Lisbon (86-88) and the Ballet Gulbenkian (89-90). He is the artistic director of ATELIER (founded in 1990) which, in addition to the creation and diffusion of his own performances – presented regularly throughout Europe, North America and South America – develops a program of artist residencies and presentations of transdisciplinary projects.

Between 1995 and 2003 he collaborated with the Artistas Unidos, a Lisbon based Theater Company, where he was responsible for the movement of the actors. For this company he staged plays by Samuel Beckett, Sarah Kane and Jon Fosse. Between 2011 and 2014 he co-directed with anthropologist Fernanda Eugenio, the center AND_Lab in Lisbon, a research laboratory around sustainable coexistence, working on the relation between ethics, aesthetics and politics. His activity revolves around the practice, research and the application of the method of Real Time Composition (CTR) a composition and improvisation system developed and systematized by João Fiadeiro since 1995 which is currently studied, developed and used by various artists and researchers.