Edward Luyken: The Great Origins Thanks to Small

1. film
2. installation (convent)
Plasy Monastery 1992

Edward Luyken used forms which he took from carts of an Amsterdam neighborhood. Black forms cut from triplex he put on the white walls of the corridors of the convent.

Edward Luyken (born 1950) is Dutch visual artist, filmaker and musician. He studied at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Rotterdam. In the 1970s, he moved to Paris, where he made his first films. Since 1987, when a number of his films were shown at the ‘Film International’ festival in Rotterdam, Luyken has made at least one film per year. These have been in the form of diary entries, which also depict his artistic work. Recurring themes are, in addition to his sculptures: travel, stones, canoes, his sons, and his wife Therèse Breuls, who died in 2003 after sixteen years of chronic disease. Luyken has lived and worked in Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Rotterdam, but has been based in Amsterdam for several decades. The body of work consists of about fifty films, mostly made on 16mm.

Zero-one (1978, short), La rencontre (1978, short), Sept-zero-seven (containing 10 projects for 3-screen projection) (1978), White Line Fever (1978), Tikal Temple (1979), Berliner Luft (1979), Panam (1979), Entr'acte (1979, short), Triple Headed Complex (1979), Ten Past Six (1979, short), Seeway (1979), Bangkok Baby (1980), Bukit Timah (1980), Double Happiness (1980, short), Tokio Hoya 5-10-2 (1980), Tatami (1980, short), Network (1980, short), Watermill Triangle (1982), Doublet (1982), Dutch Headline Builders (1982), Down Under Salut (1982, short), Hembrug (1983, short), Teamspirit (1983, short), 14 minuten (1984, short), Beef Up (1985, short), Split Brain (1986, short), De macht der twee (1987, short), Zuurstof (1988, short), Celvast (1989), Vuursteen (1990, short), Bloed en vuur (1992, short), Turning Point (1992, short), Gasunie (1993, short), Hembrug (1994, short), Ansetzung (1994, short), Weltzstein (1995, short), Armature (1996, short), Missing Link (1997, short), Anima Mundi (1998, short), Constructie (1998, short), Quaestor (1999, short), Tegenkracht (2002, short), Dobra Voda (2002, short), Mariaheim (2004, short), Stoneback (2005, short), Grondverf/Groundpaint (2006), Tabula Rasa (2006, short), Rettich (2008, short), Zeewier/Sea Grass (2009, short), Assemblage (2010, short), Traject (2010, short)