Marjo Többen: Untitled

Plasy Monastery 1992

"At first sight it looks that the time in Plasy convent stopped, but seconds are running without restraint… centuries and centuries. In my installation, I was inspired by the monotony of daily order of the cloister life.

I intended: to use sun rays
                    to work with colors
                    to work with the running of time
                    to work in the corridor of the second floor of the convent where the sun shines inside for a larger part of the day
                    to use the hexagonal forms of segments in the windows.

In each of the eleven windows I covered the central hexagonal glass with red paint. This created a shadow on the floor by this form. At 3 o'clock pm I filled these forms with coal dust. The first impression of the convent is, that time stopped here, but the shadow shapes on the floor of the corridor are shifting slowly."

Marjo Többen, Plasy, June 1992

Marjo Többen is a Dutch visual artist, living and working in Friesland.

1974-1979– NLO ‘Ubbo Emmius’, Leeuwarden (2de graads handvaardigheid en textiele werkvormen)
1979-1981– ABK Academie Minerva, Groningen (1ste graads textiele werkvormen)
1985-1988– ABK Academie Minerva, Groningen (Autonome Kunst en Vormgeving)
1988-1989– Post Academisch jaar ABK Minerva, GroningenMarjo

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