Daniel Hanzlík: From the Point

kinetic light installation (steel, water, glass, mirror, light)
granary, basement

"The beam of light, directed via a set of mirrors, was transmitted through the water's surface, creating a screen of light reflections in the form of expanding circles. Cyclical changes were generated at regular intervals by a drop of water on the surface. Destruction has become the condition for a new beginning."

Daniel Hanzlík, 2018

Daniel Hanzlík (born 1970) is a multimedia artist working with painting, drawing, photographs, objects, digital images, site-specific installations. In the years 1989-1995, he studied and graduated from Prague's UMPRUM (glass studio of Vladimír Kopecký) and has been involved in various different media since the start of his career. On the one hand, Hanzlík draws on the tradition of minimalist painting and post-conceptual approaches and, on the other, explores the properties of light and, increasingly, sound.

In tandem with Pavel Mrkus, Daniel Hanzlík created BOOT_audiovisual, a platform for audiovisual performances, electronic music, digital art and site-specific installations. These productions are created in real time and are not prepared in advance. The different elements of the production exert mutual influence on each other, i.e. sound reacts to image and vice versa.  Along with Pavel Mrkus, he is also a co-founder and head of the Time-Based Media department at the Faculty of Art and Design of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem.

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