Ici-Meme: Spectacle en pièces

Intermedia Performance
Granary, Led Art Festival
Plasy Monastery, 1998

An omnipresent sound material, both fixed and live recorded (handeled objects, yelling or whispering voices and experimental music performed live) ; images and light projections surrounded performers and dazzled the audience, there was no limit between actors and the audience, most of the performance took place in the dark.

The idea with « Spectacle en pièces » was to create an improvisation space which our guest dancers or musicians would take over and would change with different places.

In 1998 ICI-MÊME toured with : Corinne Pontier, Judith Thibaut, Xavier Quérel, Mathieu Werchowski, Anne-Julie Rollet, Thomas Louvat, Olivier Debrun, Catherine Jauniaux and Érik M.

“Our approach is rooted in the urban space, considered as a place and object of experimentation. Mixing sounds, images, installations, voices, gestures, DIY and communication technologies - sometimes in long-lasting devices and extensive geography - the artistic practice of Ici-Même is protean and transversal.”

More in search of common spaces than so-called public spaces, our proposals-actions invest in turn – and often without warning – the streets of a district, a sorting center, a theater, an office building, a council room, the bridge of a boat between Barcelona and Tangier or a radio show … Here-Even advance by sliding, from exploration to the construction of devices. The question of displacement – spatial and intimate – self-displacement experienced by many, shared, is a fundamental problem of our approach; how to escape the “enclavements” of thought and territory?