What are the Thoughts Behind CESSE?

Csaba Hajnóczy
Center for Architectural Heritage Plasy

The conference of the Central European Society for Soundscape Ecology, at the end of November in Budapest, is dedicated to the establishment of a new network organization for convening and coordinating energies towards the improvement and saving of the region's soundscapes and environment.


Keywords: contemporary art, science, and technology, focusing on livability and sustainability. The original idea was to connect motivated people from various backgrounds in the Visegrad countries. Soon the circle expanded to other countries as well: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia. But the conference is open for all.

Csaba Hajnóczy (b. 1957) is musician, musicologist, and teacher living and working in Budapest. He is the main initiator and organizer of the CESSE - Conference #1 in Budapest November/December 2018. His recent interest is field recording based composition and the use of spatial sound systems. Individual projects, events include: “Tuned to Magurski Park” – electroacoustic concert in Krempna (Poland, 2016). Mediawave Festival: 2002, 2005, Trafó Budapest: 2005, A38: 2003, 2008, Millenáris: 2007, Marosvásárhely /Tirgu Mures (RO) 2008, etc. In 1984 he was the founder, main composer, guitar player in the Kampec Dolores group. Since 1995 he collaborated in groups, ensembles and projects as Egy Kiss Erzsi Zene, István Grencsó, The Danubians (US – CZ – H), Budbudas, Gianni Gebbia (I), etc.