Dancing Plasy Times 8, Frank van de Ven, Rolf Meesters, Miloš Šejn

a movie
Bohemiae Rosa
Plasy Monastery 1997

8 different locations at a Cistercian monastery in Czech republic    

a dancer - Frank van de Ven
a camera-person - Rolf Meesters
a guide and a photographer - Miloš Šejn

Work Principles: Dancing the place instead of merely dancing in it

On arrival at the location for that day the dancer immediatly chooses a spot where he stays immobile for 10 minutes. During this time the camera-person prepares for 2 positions for the camera. Then, the dancer has 10 minutes to dance. Filming is done at randomly chosen moments, in 2 takes - one of  2 minutes and one of 1 minute. The dancer does not know when and how the camera is working.
Plasy 1997