Elena Lacková’s book “I Was Born Under a Lucky Star” is read by 24 guests during all-day celebration


As part of the opening of the Romafuturism Library and Center for Roma Culture, there took place a 12-hour-long reading marathon of Elena Lacková’s book I Was Born Under a Lucky Star. We present a unique recording of an experimental “audiobook,” interpreted by 24 different readers, consisting of guests, collaborators and friends of the library. Each one read for 30 minutes before passing the lectern on to the next, for a 12-hour-long continuous reading of the book.

Knihovna Romafuturismo
Dittrichova 13/349, Praha 2


Tranzit is an initiative in the field of contemporary art whose partner is the ERSTE Foundation.


The opening of the Romafuturismo Library takes place with the support from the Perpedes Grant program of the Agosto Foundation.