The Agosto Foundation supports a broad range of initiatives that aim to raise social awareness and bring about cultural transformation.


Through its activities, the foundation fosters the resourceful and sustainable development of diverse arts and media with the goal of bringing about beneficial social and cultural change. Particular attention is directed at innovative and experimental approaches that span disciplines, especially those that include an educational aspect. Through its grants, the foundation aims to support individuals and groups who undertake cultural and social development, and who take on the complex challenges of achieving collective local impact.

Our aim is to strengthen and sustain socially and environmentally engaged cultural practices, initiatives, knowledge-sharing networks and communities focusing on those active in the field of inventing, discovering, testing and implementing new approaches that address meaningful social and environmental issues and bring them to the awareness of their communities and beyond.

Our vision is of a society where critical art, cultural practices and research arise as natural parts of the organic development that results from a responsible questioning of everyday processes.

We believe in the general cathartic role of art and culture as a tool for rejuvenation in the healthy development of each individual and a multiculturally diverse society, based on mutual respect and understanding.

Who we are

The Agosto Foundation was founded in 2013 as a private entity in Prague to promote social and cultural programs, and to support their development by means of a transdisciplinary approach. Our resources currently come from individuals, companies, and sponsors, as well as institutions. The foundation’s initial endowment consists of 1,000,000 CZK. Our team consists of seven people, a number of contributors, partner communities and related active networks.


The Agosto Foundation’s activities include: Residencies, Grants, Events, and Publishing, among other things.

Agosto Foundation Statutory Board

Cynthia Plachá Vice Chairman
Tomáš Plachý Board Member
Jan Mengler Controller
BODIE s.r.o.