Květa Válová — Štědrý den-valova-stedry-den.jpg
Poetry and Drawings of Květa Válová
A new book published by the Agosto Foundaton
Poetry and Drawings of Květa Válová (from a photo album, 1953-55), in collaboration with Dagmar Šubrtová and Antonín Petruželka
Big Baby: On the Road
The Lost Exhibition
Martin Zet: Pity Car — BUBEC situation, 16. 6. 2001,
Owning a Car is an Open Demonstration of Loyality
The text written by Martin Zet about his "situation with the car" in Bubec was published under the title "Owning a Car is an Open Demonstration of Loyality" in the book SEBEVRAŽDA IMAGE /THE SUICIDE OF THE IMAGE, Divus publishing house, 2005-13
Stefan Rusu
Invasia and Navigating the Poetics of Failure
Kyzyl Tractor: Punk Shamanism
Art Collective The Lost Expedition
The members of the Kyzyl Tractor (Red Tractor) - Said Atabekov, Smail Bayaliev, Moldakul Narymbetov, Arystanbek Shalbayev and Vitaliy Simakov - decided to set themselves the task of ‘returning to the lost roots’ of nomadic culture (Chukhovich 2011). As Kudaibergenova (2018, p. 436) notes, ‘Focusing on such discourses as nomadism, shamanism, the land and the steppe that were previously considered “backward”, “uncivilized” and certainly unwelcomed by the Soviet cultural frameworks, the new generation of postsocialist cultural producers attempted to bare these contradictions.’ (Emina Yessekeyeva and Eric Venbrux: Shamanism, Globalisation and Religion in the Contemporary Art of Said Atabekov and the Kazakh Art Collective Kyzyl Tractor)
Kali Tragus - Amaranthus albus
Tumbleweed - Prostrate Pigweed - The Desert Runner The Lost Exhibition
Common tumbleweed, tumble pigweed, tumbleweed, prostrate pigweed, pigweed amaranth, white amaranth, wind witch, Russian cactus or white pigweed. It is native to Euroasia but in the 1870s, it appeared in South Dakota when flaxseed from Russia turned out to be contaminated with Kali seeds. Although it is the best-known of this group of weeds, and was at first thought to be a single well-defined species, it now is known to have included more than one species plus some hybrids. This has led to taxonomic confusion in dealing with species in the genera Salsola and Kali in America. Recent studies show that the population that once was assigned to Salsola tragus really includes three or more morphologically similar species that differ in flower size and shape. The group was widely assigned to the family Chenopodiaceae – including the genera Kali and Salsola – have since been included in the Amaranthaceae. They now are allocated to the Salsoloideae, a subfamily of the Amaranthaceae.
Petr Heřman
the pilot of the MLOK vehicle The Lost Expedition Brotherhood / Sisterhood
Biophysicist Prof. Petr Heřman kindly lent his Praga RND bus, which has not been driven for a long time, for the purpose of its planned transplantation into the mobile laboratory of the Lost Expedition. I discovered information about the bus on the Internet in 2002 and immediately contacted the owner. The vehicle was parked in the forest on the Krkonoše Mountains, where Petr Heřman had to move it from Prague in the early 1990s. In Prague the bus was the victim of repeated vandalism. Bellow, in outline, we present the heroic story of MLOK (Hurvínek) compiled from memory and data on Peter's Wikipedia page.
John Tylo: Institute of Postvirtual Reality
Backwood Garage Drushba Forschungs institut fuer emissionsfreie technologie
Karl Katzinger (Freistadt October 1953 - April 2021) was an artist, film-maker, writer, organizer, traveller and scythe coach. From 1973 to 1981 he lived in Vienna, where he studied pharmacy and occasionally wrote for newspapers. In 1981 he moved to his grandparents' farm in Harrachstal near Freistadt and has stayed there ever since, except for his travels to far and near countries. Here he founded various organizations such as the Backwood Association, or the Research Institute for Zero Emission Technology and hosted courses, lectures, music and theater performances in the Drushba Garage which is part of the farm. From May to October, he gave classes in scything. He was a passionate traveller and visited many places such as Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Albania.... and spent his last time in the Bohemian Forest.
Lizbeth Rymland
Integrative Catalyst, Writer, Producer The Lost Expedition - advisory board
Lizbeth Rymland has worked as an integrative catalyst, writer and producer supporting leaders of evolutionary culture at pivotal moments in their careers. For 40 years until present time she has served continuously and worldwide as a discrete catalyst, mid-wife and producer for visionary pioneers, convenors of emerging culture, indigenous and young leaders in interdimensional medicine.
Murray Bookchin
Klaas Kuitenbrouwer
Subtheater Amsterdam Rites de Passage Workshop, 1998
Siri Austeen
Vojtěch Lahoda
Příroda jinak / The Nature in Different Way The curator of the exhibition in Plasy, 1990
Silence is a Commons
Ivan Illich Acoustic ecology reader
"Computers are doing to communicationwhat fences did to pasturesand cars did to streets."
Heimo Wallner
Hotel Pupik Hermit I, 1992


Scott MacLeod: Looking for Martin Klapper
Impromptu Performance Entartic Shelf Festival, June 1995
"In 1990 and 1991, I had made many performances and produced several festivals in Czechoslovakia; lots of cultural activities over several months. In 1995, I came back, to what was now the Czech Republic, with no cultural agenda but only to visit friends and enjoy myself. I don’t remember how I knew about Plasy and all the activities that happened there; it was very well known in the social circles I was connected with, so it would have been unusual if I hadn’t known about it. Similarly, there are many people who might have been the ones who told me I should meet Miloš Vojtěchovský.
Mobile Radio presents Radio Art Zone
On air from 18th June – 25th September 2022
Radio Art Zone is a radio art project by Radio ARA and Mobile Radio for the European Capital of Culture Esch2022.
Zvuky kódy obrazy / Sounds Codes Images-zvuky-kody-obrazy.png
Zvuky kódy obrazy / Sounds Codes Images
Monograph exploring the transitional zone between image and sound
With contributions by Anna Kvíčalová, Jitka Hlaváčková, Martin Flašar, Michal Nejtek, Viktor Pantůček, Milan Guštar, Josef Czeres, Helena Musilová, Michal Kindernay, Miloš Vojtěchovský, Martin Klimeš a Jakub Frank, Dušan Barok
Nová Perla ― spolek Perla-novaperlavrannenadvltavou.jpg
Like an Expedition Across Antarctica
Interview with Ivan Mečl Lenka Dolanová Black Edition
Apologies, this article is available only in Czech.
Black edition cover-blackedition-cover-gc.jpg
Cartography of (Eco)systems: Black Edition
39 cultural and artistic initiatives in the Czech Republic
The Agosto Foundation is pleased to announce a new publication comprising the interviews from the research project Cartography of (Eco)Systems : RurArtMap and Perpedian Map: Black Edition, and presenting 39 cultural and artistic initiatives from the Czech Republic. In various places where these projects have long been active, several notable themes have emerged, especially concerning the ecological and social aspects of these areas. The interviews were conducted in 2021, and provide a contemporary overview of the early cultural landscape of the Coronacene era.
Kartografie (Eko)systémů I Black Edition-kartografie-header-text.jpg
Cartography of (Eco)systems I Black Edition
10 – 12 June 2022 Veřejný sál Hraničář, Ústí nad Labem
We invite you to join us for the forum Cartography of (Eco)systems: Black Edition in June.
Veřejný Sál Hraničář, Ústí nad Labem-hranicar.jpg
Save the dates: June 10-12, 2022
Conference: Kartografie (Eko) systémů I RurArtMap a Perpedian Mapa I Black Edition Veřejný Sál Hraničář, Ústí nad Labem
This conference will provide a forum for the representatives of cultural initiatives across the Czech Republic to meet, and also invites anyone interested in topics related to the current state of culture in the regions outside of the capital city.
from the book Upsych 316a-upsych-from-book.png
Upsych 316a Universal Psychiatric Church
New Book: Print and digital versions available
We are pleased to announce the publication of a new compendium of texts and images of Upsych 316a - The Universal Psychiatric Church, which has been prepared by the Agosto Foundation and the Press Department of The Peerless Cooperative of the Holy Nurture.
Cultural trigger in Chomutov
Interview with Miroslav Koranda Dagmar Šubrtová Black Edition
Mirek Koranda-dalsi-vlna-kreativity-zasahla-ustecky-kraj.jpg
Another wave of creativity hits Ústí nad Labem
Miroslav Koranda Black Edition
Indifference is the Worst
Interview with Jana Nuslauerová Obnaženi Festival / Obnaženi Society Dagmar Šubrtová Black Edition
The Obnaženi society connects artists and cultural activists who have a personal relationship to Chomutov. Many members gained experience at various art schools and prestigious, international art projects, and since 2003 they have been bringing this experience to Chomutov


A Space for Timelessness
Löblhof & Artgrund Interview with Jan C. Löbl Dagmar Šubrtová Black Edition
The Löblhof & Artgrund art studio is based in Staňkovice in Litoměřice county, providing space for short-term residencies, symposia, and workshops, in addition to exhibitions in the recently opened Masthall exhibition hall. The V zahradách / In the gardens symposium project focuses on the topic of locality-specific interventions in the form of landscape installations, and the relationship between people and gardens, which it analyzes from various perspectives. The theme of any given year looks at gardens in various ways.
Environmentální výchov v praxi. Děti z místní ZŠ.-decka-hrabou.jpg
Cottage Punk or Whatever in Kyjov
An Interview with Barbora Lungová Ondřej Navrátil Black Edition
Barbora Lungová is an artist who makes paintings with feminist and environmental themes. For the past two decades, she has been taking active part in the cultural, civic and political space of her hometown of Kyjov (pop. 11,000). She has an especially strong relationship with nature and the landscape, which have motivated a number of her projects focused on the caretaking of neglected spaces.
All the Sounds are Interconnected
Interview with Tomáš Šenkyřík Ondřej Navrátil Black Edition
Artist Tomáš Šenkyřík builds on his experience in the music scene, even though today he largely works in the gaps between disciplines. This is especially true for his field recordings of nature and landscapes, which he presents in the form of recordings, lectures, internet releases, and gallery installations.
An Online Platform and Web Archive Beginning 3 May, 2021
Through a series of exercises, methods and video guides, we are invited to focus on sound as a tool for relieving feelings of separation and isolation, as a tool for imagining better futures.
The Chef and the Pilot
The Peerless Cooperative of the Holy Nurture (JSD) Installation at Vzlet, March 2021
During the month of March in the showcase room Rohovka at Vzlet, the “future Prague palace of culture” in Vršovice (Holandská and Norská streets), the exhibition Kuchařka a pilot (The Chef and the Pilot) by Jedinečné Svatopěstitelské Družstvo (Peerless Cooperative of the Holy Nurture) is taking place.
Cartography of (Eco)systems
RurArtMap and Perpedian Map: Black Edition
This project focuses on the building of capacity of regional, cultural and art initiatives which take an active part in addressing societal issues, most importantly in the sphere of social issues and the environment.