The Foundation



25 June from 11 am to 7 pm

The Agosto Foundation is delighted to invite you to the Baldur Children’s Book Fair, which takes place in Brno on 25 June from 11 am to 7 pm at Fait Gallery. Baldur is an all-day festival of children’s books and illustration, filled with workshops, lectures and games. It takes place in cooperation between the Baldur small book publishing house, the Artmap bookstore and the Agosto Foundation. Part of the festival consists of a book fair presenting the very best in children’s illustrations in the Czech Republic, including editions by small publishers and solo publishing acitivities. The Baldur Children’s Book Festival brings together experts and experienced creators of children’s books and illustrations, and offers a new platform for the discussion of books for children. The day-long festival has become a source of fun and creative activities for everyone, from children and their parents, including the actual creators, who highlight the important role of carefully thought-out children’s books that emphasize local, rather than mass, production. The Baldur Festival focuses on children’s books, emphasizing their cultural and educational value. The festival invites parents into discussion with the very authors and publishers who want to offer a new perspective in children’s books. Admittance is free. Children are most welcome guests!