Martin Zet: Altogether

A contemplation (oats, Polaroid reversals, book, sound, hope, fear and video)

The opening took place on 5 May, 1995, with a performance by Alex Švamberk and a concert by Tonton Macoutes.  


When you provide
a whole house,
I express
the whole

(Book of Sighs, 14 August, 2017)

Altogether (Všeckomožný)

A contemplation in 5 parts:
· 90 minutes, video with sound, TV monitor, boulders, mirrors
· Oats growing on the altar of the Chapel of Saint Benedict, an intervention
· Frescos in the Chapel of Saint Bernard sonified by a chorus of marsh frogs (Pelophylax ridibundus),
· The Sea, 4000 Polaroid reversals of passport photographs, an installation
· Kids, self and Altogether recorded by Martin Zet, a book

The sound of frogs praise the spring behind the fresco of St. Bernard in the chapel. In the room to the left of the St. Benedikt chapel, thousands of reverse Polaroid portraits gaze through the ceiling at the lens of the sky (my first contrapicado), a magnifying glass heats them in a floating beam of light, lifting the Polaroids in a wave. Opposite, every stone and brick of the corridor resonates with the looping hum of a repeating cremation, the colors shattered by mirrors — negative, the positive drone.

Oats sprout on the Benedictine altar. They grow, wither, and then we (Miloš and I) take them outside to merge with the grass under the apple trees. Four years later, the last time I was in Plasy, they were still there.

The eponymous book (prepared by Martin Busta at Dragon Press) was given away on 5 May, 1995. A friend from Marxova Street, Jožka Kunc, arrived with Eva in his Velorex car, a naked Alex Švamberk with the band Tonton Macoutes sampled the voices of frogs that I brought from the National Museum Shop. Jan Brichcín, who, with Vašek Hron, helped prepare the video, shot documentary footage.

M.Z., 17 August, 2017

Plasy Monastery
90 min oats the sea frogs book