On Light, Sound, Jan Blažej Santini-Aichl and Mauricius Vogt

Irena Bukačová
Mathey Hall, Center for Architectural Heritage Plasy

In the Baroque sacred space, communication and accentuation of the qualities of location is determined not merely by sound and acoustics, but also depends on the dialectics of light and dark.


In my talk, I will touch the important role of light in Baroque architecture and in architectural theories. Such Baroque musical theory of was practised by the Abbot Mauritius Vogt at Plasy (Conclave Magnae Artis Musicae). According to his theory, musical intervals correspond to the harmony of the cosmos, which is imprinted via the concepts of Sacred Geometry and the Kabbalah into sacral Baroque architecture.

PhDr. Irena Bukačová is a historian, journalist, translator, and the director of the Museum and Gallery of the Northern Pilsen Region in Mariánská Týnice. She studied philosophy, history, and art history at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, writing her doctoral thesis on the history of Italian philosophy. Her work focuses on historic preservation and the Northern Pilsen region.