Richter Band

St. Bernard chapel

Richter Band: Galera, 2′ 50″
Pavel Richter: electric guitar
Štěpán Pečírka: fidlerophone
Antonín Hlávka: percussion

The Richter Band has been active since 1986 in various genres and set up with several breaks. Their original electro-acoustic style, influenced by minimalism and ethnic (with DIY instruments), has gradually become more electrified and enriched with ambient, jazz and dance elements music since 1995. Štěpán Pečírka, Jaroslav Kořán, Antonín Hlávka, Michal Kořán and Bharata Rajnošek appeared during this time in the group. The main protagonist is the guitarist and music publisher Pavel Richter, who too part in a number of alternative groups and projects  since late 70s (among others Elektrobus, Stehlík, Švehlík, MCH band, Janota, Richter & Fidler, Richter Band, Danube, Santus Musicus, Wooden Toys, Jana Koubková & Guru band, Richter Band & Fen-Jün Song, Richter & Chadima, etc). He collaborated as well with Ctibor Turba, Kolotoč Theater, Pražská pětka or Miloš Karásek, composed music for several feature films and documentaries. Around 1988-89, the first season ended and Richter Band reunited in 1990, when Richter met Štepán Pečirka, Jaroslav Kořan and percussionist Tonda Hlávka at a concert in Eden. This period closed in 1993 with the concert in Plasy.