Sub Rosa I. Symposium

Night Falls – Light Walls / Sefirotic Tree
21–23 June, 1996
Plasy Monastery

Hermit foundation and Society of Friends of Art Plasy presented for invited guests and public the architectonic model and project of the reconstruction of the building of granary. It was selected as a possible location for establishing of new International Art Center in Plasy.

Festival Participants

Claudia Wissmann - Night Falls - Light Falls - site specific light installation
Harald Busch - video screening
Willy Looyen / Friederike Jochems: Treppenwitz - film production
Paul Donker Duyvis:
4th World Arts: workshop and presentation

Shave: international workshop / seminar
Ella Gibbs, David Lillington, Anna Best, etc.
Support: Shave Research & British Council in Prague

Michael Delia: presentation of new set of music instruments
Oldřich Janota: concert
Orchestr Země snivců: concert
Rajesh Mehta: Concert
Alexander Moust: Camera Obscura - Installation in Granary
Irena and Vojtěch Havlovi
Zuzana Fusterová light installation