The Forgotten Orchestra of the Land of Dreamers

sound and light performance

Entarctic Shelf Festival: 23 June – 3 July, 1995


F.O.O.L.D. participated at the festival with sound and light performance in the corridor of the convent, sunday at the Saint Benedict chapel recording session and performed in the program at Emauzy in Prague, together with several artists who attended Plasy. These recordings are included in the Meridian Crossings CD.

The F.O.O.L.D. orchestra is a musical ensemble of varying size, usually made up of six or seven musicians. It incorporates featurs as dance, theatre, cinematography or visual arts. The Orchestra is fully dedicated to improvising; there are no stylistic boundaries or limits, the music style moves across free jazz, classical music, sound art, and ethnic genres. The Forgotten Orchestra of Land of Dreamers was founded in 1992 by Jaroslav Kořán, his brother Michal and Marek Šebelka and the name was inspired by the famous book by Alfred Kubin Die andere Seite, 1908, in Czech _Země Snivců/The Land of Dreamers.

F.O.O.L.D. premiere was in the summer of 1992 during the Symposium Hermit in Plasy, and later performed at the Theatre Rubin in Prague. Many musicians from the Czech republic and abroad have already performed with the orchestra, among others Michael Delia, Alan Pavio, Martin Janíček, Petr Nikl, Siri Austen, etc.

Marie Kuníková: voice
Jaroslav Kořán: drums and horologe
Michal Kořán: horologe, percussion, trumpet
Riegen Brown: saxophone
Jiří Šmachtl: saxophone
Hedvika Vlasáková, Václav Novotný, Jaroslav Kořán: light projections