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Anamaria Pravicencu


Michal Kindernay

Anamaria Pravicencu is a sound artist and initiator of several music and cultural initiatives in Romania.


Pravicencu is a co-founder of the Jumătatea plină association, the Artistic Director of the Sâmbăta Sonora (Sonic Saturday) program (with over 100 events since 2009) and curator of the SEMI SILENT podcast platform. She also organizes concerts of improvised, experimental and contemporary music, performances of sound poetry, and listening sessions with sound and radio art, as well as conferences and workshops.

For SEMI SILENT, Pravicencu serves as producer for pieces by Romanian artists as well as her own works. The association Jumătatea plină collaborates with artists and musicians from many countries, and last year opened up a program of individual and collective sound art residencies, the Sonic Future Residency, the productions of which are presented to the public by means of the SEMI SILENT podcasts and public listening sessions.

Pravicencu’s 2019 residence in Prague is a welcome opportunity to explore the Czech Republic's sound and radio production scene and create a network of exchange, creation and production between the two countries, a collaboration that will generate future projects and better mutual knowledge.

The Agosto Foundation artist-in-residency program is supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture.

Residency period

7 April 201931 May 2019

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