Grant Program



The Argentum Vivum creative platform was founded in 2008 by a collective of artists headed by experimental filmmaker Martin Ježek. Its objective is to support and build a community for creating independent audio-visual works exclusively using the classical photochemical methods. Currently, they are building a fully equipped film laboratory which would facilitate the contact of visual artists with the processing of analogue film material. A central motive of this original initiative is to keep the memory of, and spread awareness of working with film material, as well as developing a shared community experience. An additional aim is also to dispel the myth that film material is expensive or not readily available. The platform organizes initiatory workshops for students of art schools where the fundamentals are covered, as well as the creative potential of the photochemical process. The group has also managed to develop its own film emulsion which allows one to work with the photochemical process without having to make use of commercially distributed products.