Klaus Filip


The Lost Expedition

A baby that stays a baby, because it wants to develop something that we are wont to forget - to take time.  It was formed during a timehole by red white with special support of ulrich hirzel at chateau de monthelon, bourgogne, france. brought to life with know how and help of cynthia schwertsik and klaus filip. bigbaby was first awoken on the 9.9.1999 at the place of its birth.

"If you watch the curve of science and everything we know, it shoots up like a rocket. We're on this rocket and we're going perfectly vertical into the stars. But the emotional intelligence of humankind is equally if not more important than our intellectual intelligence. We're just as emotionally illiterate as we were 5,000 years ago; so emotionally our line is completely horizontal. The problem is the horizontal and the vertical are getting farther and farther apart. And as these things grow apart, there's going to be some kind of consequence of that." (G.L., wired 2/97)

The different modes of the sculpture:

1: by daylight, or in a lighted space - it is a static object with sound.

2: at night, or in a dark space - it sleeps, glowing, roaming and sounding from the inside.

3: bigbaby wakes up with the assistance of people, who through their actions like the altering and adjusting of light, the production of sounds and the simple human pleasure of movement cast shadow of themselves and other paraphernalia onto its opaque skin.


Red White         
Cynthia Schwertsik
Klaus Filip      

Monthelon Castle is a place dedicated to artistic search, surrounded by an endless sky and green acres. It was founded 1989 by Ueli Hirzel, a contemporary circus artist and producer, and Eva Bruderer. Their determination to promote the « upstream of the upstream » in the creation process is everlasting thank to an artists’ collective who created the Monthelon Castle Association in 2010 to promote this transdisciplinary project which receives worldwide recognition. Sheltered by the castle walls and the freedom provided by its surroundings, artists are invited to meet each other in order to re-source their art and give birth to new projects. Around 150 artists are welcome every year for a given time lasting between ten days and several months focused on a project or according to their needs, to allow them to lose track and to find their way again, facing the unknown with all the demands involved.