Dian Booth: Sound Events, Re-Creations

sound performance

Sound Events is an organization run by Dian Booth. It is committed to the re-creation of visual art objects through the sounds of acoustic musical instruments. It offers a new experience to people of all ages and abilities to gain a deeper understanding of visual art. The essence of this activity is spontaneous, free improvisation. The sounds of any object are emitted constantly by its individual vibration patterns, but they cannot necessarily be heard. All that the Sound Events performers are doing is responding to these patterns by opening up and letting the performer become the instruments of re-creation. To make the sound audible they use whatever seems appropriate from a range of musical / sound instruments. Dian Booth worked together with installations by Max Streicher, Meibert van Soest and Alexander Fischer.

Dian Booth is a British violinist, sound healer and spiritual teacher, living and working in Australia. She studied at the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music High School. Dian’s professional career as a violinist began when she was 19, being accepted into the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (Australia) where she spent three years. She was a member of the Adelphi String Quartet, London, and the Royal Ballet Covent Garden, London. Her deep connection to the land, trees and rocks in Australia is the reason she lives in Alice Springs.