Invitations from the Beautification Society for the City of Ostrava

Cemetery Beautification and new Krásná Ostrava bulletin launch
21 June 2018, 6 PM




Perpedes Grants

21 June 2018, 6 PM


12 June 2018, 3:45 – 9 PM
On the Hermanice Slag Heap and Recultivating the Landscape

3:45 PMCommentated Excursion, Installation Opening

An excursion to the Hermanice slag heap. Meeting at the trolley bus stop Nová Radnice (departing at 3:52). Opening of an installation in the empty windows of a desolate mining building. Excursion to the slag heap with entomologist and botanist Albert Šturma.

7 PMScreening and debate at Fiducia

Is the artificial face of the landscape in relief somehow optimal? What plants and living organisms can be observed in the original mounds and pools? What alternative methods are there for managing the mountain landscape? These and other questions will be debated by our guests, moderated by Martin Tomášek. You will be able to discuss these topics with Jan Hradecký (Dean of Natural Sciences, OU), Jan Albert Šturma (a botanist interested in urban peripheries) and others. There will also be a screening of Martin Netočný’s short film about the Hermanice slag heap.

21 June 2018, 6 PM

Beautification of a Silesian-Ostravan cemetery and the tomb of Augustin Handzel; A commentated walk among the tombs of famous persons; and the inauguration of the bulletin Krásná Ostrava (Beautiful Ostrava).

Meeting at the Church of St. Joseph at the lower entrance to the cemetery.

Come with us to commemorate 195 years since the founding of the oldest cemetery in Ostrava. We will unveil a new educational signboard of well-known persons interred in the Silesian-Ostravan cemetery, and a new issue of the bulletin Beautiful Ostrava marking the centenary of the independence of the Czechoslovak state. Together, we will also care for the tomb of the famous First Republic Ostravan sculptor Augustin Handzel. We will wander around with the guides Jakub Ivánek and Petr Kašing with a little map of significant cemetery objects and graves, which will be made freely available to the public from special vending boxes. Co-organized with the circle Silesian Ostrava as part of their eighth anniversary.