Artist Residency




Katalin Vera Benedek

In April, online magazine invites Hungarian art historian Katalin Vera Benedek.


Katalin Vera Benedek is an art historian from Budapest. Her scholarly interests are concerned with radical-leftist art movements of the 50s and 60s and their international relations towards Central and Eastern Europe, the history of  LGBT art in Hungary focusing on the state socialist era, and similar issues. Benedek has been based in Berlin since 2015.
Artist residencies for Romanian, Hungarian and Polish artists and theoreticians in Prague are part of a wider cooperation established under the East Art Mags project. It was initiated by in the Czech Republic, and by other online art magazines from countries of eastern Europe (the Polish Szum, Hungarian Artportal, Romanian Revista ARTA and Serbian Balkanist).
This residency takes place with the cooperation of the Agosto Foundation.

Residency period

16 April 201730 April 2017