MUHÚ – Microfestival of Art, Mountains and Valleys

30 July – 4 August, 2018
Turnovská Chata, Jizera Mountains




Aleš Zemene

The third iteration of the MUHÚ mini-symposium and festival, organized by Aleš Zemene and friends, will once again take place this summer in the Jizera Mountains. 


Invitation from the Organizers:

This year’s MUHÚ festival will take the form of a children‘s camp which will take place at Turnovská chata. The main theme is still open, but the organizers are keeping their focus on cultivating a positive attitude towards nature and the environment. The children, aged 8 to 14, will be accommodated with full board included, and will be entertained and educated by lecturers and their workshops:

Ištabela Barela, painter and artist
Habaďůra Zemene, actor and pupeteer
Zuzífek, herb expert, alternative medicine
Maruška, mandala drawing
Honza Indy, natural science and ecology
Iva Válková, ceramics and teacher
and Jára Bernard, sculptor and carver

In their spare time, the children will be guided by various instructors and caretakers, and they will be making works of art in the surrounding forest – installations made of everything they can find locally. These will then remain in place for the viewing pleasure of the tourists and passersby. The festival will also feature an interesting lecture about the beauty of nature and about its preservation. The whole week will aim to cultivate friendship and a positive attitude towards people and nature, harmony, and mutual respect. Friday and Saturday night will furthemore feature musical performances.

The accommodations at the hotel Turnovská Chata are already fully booked for this year, but there is a meadow nearby, which is available for free camping, with access to both toilets and showers.

Turnovská Chata is a non-smoking area which accommodates about 50 people. The restaurant will be open daily for drinks, with a kitchen open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To reach the cottage, go by car and park there. Another option is to take the bus to the “Kořenov U Motorestu” bus stop and then go about 2 km on foot. In case of necessity, the organizers can also arrange for a shuttle service.