Jaromír Typlt and Michal Rataj

Festival Highlight from vs. Interpretation

Michal Rataj and Jaromír Typlt performed “Scribbles” on 17 July, 2014, at NoD as part of the 2014 vs. Interpretation Festival

Michal Rataj is a composer who works primarily with electroacoustic and instrumental music in the area of live electronics. He has composed music for film (Long Live the Family, The Czech Century), and has created dozens of music and audio compositions for radio plays. Since 2003, he has been the producer of the Radioateliér premier broadcast series on Czech Radio’s Vltava station. He teaches at NYU Prague and HAMU’s department of composition and leads international workshops. Jaromír Typlt has published numerous books of poetry and prose (among them Opakem o překot, že ne zas až, Stisk). Since around 1999, he has consciously focused on experimenting with incorporating the written word into other forms of art, such art books, stage performances, audio recordings, and short films. His interests as an art historian include art brut, among other subjects.