Stop Tracking Me

How to regain your privacy and autonomy online
Lecture and workshop by Yury Bulka
11 February, 2017, 2 PM
Autonomous Social Centre Klinika in Prague

The everyday digital activities of every one of us are being recorded, collected, analyzed and exploited by various commercial and government structures, and the extent and depth of this hybrid sci-fi-like system is already beyond imagination. But the saying “privacy is dead” is a myth.


During the workshop we will briefly discuss the current state of corporate and government data collection and then proceed with a practical workshop covering the basic open source technologies and tools that anyone can use to opt out of this system and liberate their online life from excessive control and surveillance.
We will cover:
- Basic concepts of encryption, authentication and anonymity
- General opsec (passwords, security updates, avoiding phishing [briefly])
- Protecting your web browsing: browser add-ons (be careful!), VPNs, Tor
- Protecting and verifying your email and files: PGP
- Decentralizing and protecting your chats: XMPP, OTR, OMEMO
- Tails (overview)
- Disk encryption
- Decentralized social networks
- Android without Google
Please bring your laptop if you have one.
In addition, on 13 and 15 February, 2017, from 5 PM to 7 PM, you can come to the Artmap bookstore (Vojtěšská 196/18, Praha 1) and meet Yury Bulka to discuss any of these topics in more detail, to ask questions or seek technical assistance.
Please register by emailing setthemfree(at), or simply come for advice, a nice book or just to listen to Yury's special music selection.
[Image: screenshot of Mozilla Lightbeam]