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Yury Bulka

Join us for a performance by Yury Bulka, guest artist of the Agosto Foundation, as part of the Wakushoppu series at the Café V lese in Prague on 7 February 2017


Yury Bulka is an artist and musician. He was formally educated as a clarinetist and musicologist in National Academy of Music in Lviv. He soon switched to electronic music, technology and programming, whose intersection with art is important in his work and research.

Bulka defines himself as a privacy/crypto geek and anti-“Big Brother.” His work reflects the problems of digital security and related free software movements and open source technologies.

He started using programming as a medium for creating flexible musical structures (PureData, SuperCollider). Since 2009, he has regularly participated in festivals and concerts, including EM-Visia (Kyiv, 2009), Ars/Vox Electronica (Lviv, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014), Tetramatyka (Lviv, 2013), Simultan (Timișoara, 2015), and AudioArt (2016).

In 2015 he was on a Gaude Polonia scholarship in Krakow, Poland. In his work he uses exclusively free (libre) software and publishes his work under a free licenses.