vs. Interpretation 2014

Documentation of the Festival and Symposium held in Prague with participants from around the world

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Held in Prague from 16-20 July 2014, the vs. Interpretation Festival and Symposium brought musicians, artists, scholars, and interested individuals together from around the world to practice and explore the possibilities of improvisation.
Documents Festival, 16-20 July 2014
Programme to the vs. Interpretation Festival [pdf] Symposium , 17-19 July 2014
Abstracts to the vs. Interpretation Symposium [pdf]
Documentation The 10-minute film was first screened at the launch of vs. Interpretation: An Anthology on Improvisation, the compendium of essays, audio recordings, and visual art inspired by the 2014 festival. vs. Interpretation is an ongoing project by the Agosto Foundation to engage in and probe the boundaries of the theory and praxis of improvisation. The second installation of the festival will take place in Spring 2016. The festival documentary was filmed by Marko Bogdanovič and Dominik Žižka and edited by Žižka. Sara Pinheiro provided audio support.