Paula Vitola is a Latvian intermedia artist based in Riga and Liepāja, mainly interested in art as research, art and science and media archeology.


Her work includes experiments with technology and nature, programming and gadget-hacking. In her most recent works — Sun Tracks (2017) and Waves-lights-shadows (2018–ongoing) — Vitola explores artistic applications for recording and playing sound using light.

Paula Vītola graduated from the New Media Art bachelor and masters programme from Liepaja University. She is currently at work on her practice-lead doctoral thesis Electric Art, which examines the intersections between art and science during different time periods, as well as the history and current state of art as research practice, rather than as a convergence of the two separate fields of contemporary art and institutionalised science. Since 2015, Vitola has been lecturing in New Media Art for bachelor students in Liepaja. Her curatorial and organizational activities include the Sound Days festival held in Liepaja and the iWeek conference in Riga.

During her remote residency (a situation created by the exigencies of the COVID 19 pandemic), Vitola plans a site-specific performance sound installation where the main performers will be the sun and the environment. A sound composition will be generated by solar activity on solar panels and shadows from various objects. The sound will change in real time depending on various factors such as the brightness and position of the sun, the intensity of the wind and the artist’s own interaction with the work. The performance will transpire over an entire day from sunrise to sunset.

The Agosto Foundation artist in residence program is supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture.

Residency period

1 May 202030 June 2020

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